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  1. I have been there. They say MST monitors are supported, the less expensive Samsung monitor is supported - how could Samsung's professional 4k monitor not support MST? Seems unlikely to me - and it would be helpful if someone could confirm or not if this monitor supports MST. If it doesn't support MST I need to return it.
  2. I have been trying everything I can to get pixel density scaling working with my new Samsung U32D970 display. I thought the issue was my old GPU couldn't drive a DisplayPort, and the U32D970 only supports 60hz through the display port. Well I just installed a new GTX 760 with DisplayPort, and I am now running the monitor at 60hz, made sure the HDMI 1.2 setting was enabled and still no pixel density settings in the Display Settings. :'( I am starting to suspect I have to return this monitor - which is a shame its a nice piece of gear (if you don't take the flimsy monitor stand into account). I can't believe it wouldn't support MST when its much less expensive sibling does. Egad. Any advice would be truly appreciated.
  3. Video Playback Issues

    Greetings, I am running Lion on a Sandy Bridge system with Asus mobo. I used ###### for the installation. Pretty much the only issue I have been experincing is practically all non-quicktime video playback (youtube, vimeo, facebook, etc) pauses after it plays for about 9 seconds. I can manually start the video again by dragging the current time bar to around the same time, then it plays for about another 9 seconds. I haven't bothered setting up sound on the system. I beleive it is ACL887. I wonder if that is related? I don't really need sound on this machine (guess it would be nice though), but I would like the ability to play video. Thanks!
  4. I am confused about just one thing. According to Netkas, you can use the old manual method to update to 10.5.7 (from 10.5.6): Netkas 10.5.7 Guide Netkas says to rename a string in a startup script to dsmos.kext: Manual Update I am using iDeneb 1.4 with vanilla kernel 9.5, which uses AppleDecrypt.kext instead of dsmos.kext. So to use the manual update method, do I edit /System/InstallAtStartup/scripts/1 and replace "Dont Steal Mac OS X.kext" with "AppleDecrypt.kext" instead? I really appreciate any advice!
  5. Official Dell Inspiron 1501 Guide

    @robertandri @Claw Any luck? My device ID for my ATI is also 5975 (Vostro 1000) and I am having the same issue you guys are having with Callisto B3. I can live without QE but I really, really would appreciate native resolution 1024x768 looks horrible on this screen. Does anyone know of anyone working on QE for this card? I would like to help - I am a experienced Mac OS X C++ programmer but I don't even know where to start...
  6. You need to hold down a key (not kidding). I just put my Leatherman (pocket knife) on my Space key... I used Leo4all, but sounds like the same problem I was having without holding a key down. Now if I could just get my graphics card working in native res - the Calisto B3 driver is reported to work on some, but I just get a scrambled screen (like the wrong frequency) - I hope I can figure it out. Besides getting native resolution QE would be really cool! Please let me know if you find anything...
  7. OK - found the AFUDOS211 on Asus' FTP site: ftp://ftp.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/flash/AFUDOS211.zip I ended up installing FreeDos http://www.freedos.org/ on an old IDE drive, booted up in OSX, copied the P5K0406.rom and AFUDOS211.exe to the IDE drive, booted off it and ran the bios utility and.... Success!! The ports now work the way they should! I just can't believe Asus would break a functional feature that many customers were likely reliant upon - it really boggles my mind. One day your SATA works, then the next thing you know you are SOL. All of us Asus mobo owners should put up one big stink over this, and don't give in until it is fixed, as I think that most of us sometime in the future should be able to update our BIOS without losing advertised functionally!
  8. So, this old bios enables all four ICH9 ports in AHCI mode? Currently I only have two JMicron SATA ports working ala AHCI... I can't find a working link for afubios 211 anywhere , can someone please point me to one? I have a Asus P5K with a Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz, PNY Geforce 7300, Intel Pro 1000 ethernet, 4GB 800MHz dual DDR running Uphuck 10.4.9 (It rocks!) - I just need more SATA ports. Thanks!
  9. Using a Asus P5K mobo, I had to install with the SATA mode set to IDE on a 160GB drive that was recognized as 128GB, installed OS X, then enabled SATA AHCI. I then can use my 500GB SATA disk and the 128GB SATA as my startup disks at full SATA2 speeds... Not sure if this applies to your situation, or even if I did the "right thing", but maybe it will help. It at least got my system going...
  10. Sorry for being dense, what SI card are you using? I don't see it in your sig or post. Also, can you help a newbie out with the .plist edit you made? I do not have Windows running so I do not know how to get the register address. Could you tell me what kext you edited? I desperately need to add more SATA ports. My plea for help is at: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=68073 I have a Asus P5K with a Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz, PNY Geforce 7300, Intel Pro 1000 ethernet, 4GB 800MHz dual DDR running Uphuck 10.4.9 (It rocks!), I just need some more SATA ports and I will be all set... Thanks!
  11. ASUS P5K Drivers

    I have the same mobo, as I understand it there is not a functional driver for attansic (a Ukraninian was working on it - but development looks abandoned). I ended buying an Intel Pro 1000 and it was recgonized without any drivers (uphuck 10.4.9), but the kernel would panic any time I would try to mount a network volume over any protocol.I installed the included Intel Pro 8255x driver, same thing - kernel panics. I then tried installing "AppleACPIPlatform.kext from 10.4.8" patch (included with Uphuck 10.4.9) and violla - now works at full duplex gigabit speeds - no problems transffering lots of data. All the links for afubios that I can find are dead. Can you post it for me or tell me where I can download it pretty please??That would be awesome! I only have two Jmicron ports and I need at least three SATA drives!
  12. Greetings, I have a Asus P5K with a Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz, PNY Geforce 7300, Intel Pro 1000 ethernet, 4GB 800MHz dual DDR running Uphuck 10.4.9 (It rocks!) and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a SATA board that would work with this configuration. I have only been able to get the IHC9 SATA ports to work in IDE mode (very slow and only supports less than 128GB), and the JMicron port works in AHCI mode put it only gives me two ports and I need at a minimum of three drives on this machine. I tried getting around the problem by purchasing a DATOptic SATA II 5 port multiplier (Silicon Image 3726 chipset), and the BIOS does not see any of many different drives that I have tried at boot time - the JMicron just says "Searcing" for awhile before it reports that no drives can be found. I checked that the JMicron supports a "Port Multiplier" before I purchased it, and it says that it does. Maybe the port multiplier is dead on arrival, I am not sure. I did try every imaginable combination that I could think of including setting the JMicron to IDE and RAID mode... So I was thinking of returning the port multiplier for a SATA board if I can find one that will be supported by OSx86 without too much trouble. Also, any information to help get my IHC9 working in SATA mode would be awesome! I greatly appreciate any and all advice! Thanks!!!