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  1. ced1610

    [HOW TO] ATI Radeon HD2600 Series for Hackintosh

    i've told it... if i can only have your board in my hand drum.... mine is WELL WORKING WITH THIS METHOD... rollOver, is your hd2600 a 256 Mb or 512 Mb board ???
  2. ced1610

    [HOW TO] ATI Radeon HD2600 Series for Hackintosh

    the gld file is ATIRadeonX2000GLDriver.bundle wich has been modded for my 256 mb hd 2600 board... the -v stuff is the verbose mode. when your computer is starting, just before Darwin bootloader, push the F8 key select your startup part (with up/down key on kbd) and type : -v and enter. it will start in verbose mode and show you the step by step start of osx, with the problems...
  3. ced1610

    [HOW TO] ATI Radeon HD2600 Series for Hackintosh

    s*it !!!!! drumthrasher109, when you start with -v ???? is there a pb with the video kexts ??? don't replace the .gld file, for testing (this file is bound at the video memory) really, on my board if i don't put this file, i have all blank menus... after that i don't understand... :blink:
  4. ced1610

    [HOW TO] ATI Radeon HD2600 Series for Hackintosh

    hello legolee, ;) NO, for me, all is ok... i had one problem a week ago, when i was encoding video with visualHub, that blocked every 5 minutes, and i must reboot... :censored2: but i have found the problem : a dimm ram was out of order... after testing Kaliway for a month, i can tell that all is stable, and powerfull... i have tested 3 different video card : 7600 gt (the best perf/price for me...), hd2600, and now 8800 gtx... those 3 video card are stable, and if you don't take care about speed (for me 8800gtx,7600 gtand the powerless hd 2600...), they are quite the same : start computer and work... i'm using this computer for Safari,Maya 3d, itunes, illustrator and visualhub... my son, use this computer ONLY for looking his video (like Pixar films, action films...i have about 160 movies on this computer...) and he haven't encountred any problem at this day... we are now far away the first time i have installed osx86 for the first time, and we progressed, one with the others... ... for first, be sure that your osx86 Leopard is not a bag of s*it... for all release of osx86 there are a few of them who left the batch (Jas 10.4.8, brazilian method for 10.5...) and for me Kaliway is the best road to heaven... all guys, put your iatkos into the trash and find the best finished system : Kaliway 10.5.1... this is the first step...
  5. ced1610

    [HOW TO] ATI Radeon HD2600 Series for Hackintosh

    :P sorry, but for me, all is ok... more info : system : Kaliway Leopard 10.5.1 mainboard : asus p5k cpu : core2 quadram : 2 gb kingston and video card : asus EAH2600PRO 256 mb ddr2/htdp can someone confirm that it works ????? for me, it works very well but i'm now installing a 8800 GTX... sorry for you... i have forgoten a small thing... if you don't allocate a password in your account, permissions.command seem to work azardous... hope this will help someone (specialy drumthrasher109...) drumthrasher109 : if you look for my first post in this thread, you will see that there is a link... it seems that you haven't seen it... download the REAL files and after, you can speak... sorry,but, my goal is to help you, not to make you waste time...
  6. ced1610

    [HOW TO] ATI Radeon HD2600 Series for Hackintosh

    note that i am on 10.5.1... must work on 10.5 too...
  7. ced1610

    [HOW TO] ATI Radeon HD2600 Series for Hackintosh

    yes, it works with this board... you dont need to add device Id in the plist... it is already like an Imac...
  8. ced1610

    [HOW TO] ATI Radeon HD2600 Series for Hackintosh

    another way : for me all is ok : install first " Triakis_2400_2600_2900_3800.zip " edit the info.plist inside /System/Library/Extensions/ATIRadeonX2000.kext add your device Id for me : 0x95891002 (2600 pro...) replace /System/Library/Extensions/ATIRadeonX2000GLDriver.bundle by the one in the archive... open the "Permission.command" file type your password after logout and restart... it's ok !!!! (with dvi support... i have only a apple 20"lcd display...) the only pb i have noticed : this graphic board is less powerful than my gforce 7600 GT... 2600_installer.zip
  9. ced1610

    Better OpenGL benchmarking, GioFX OpenMark

    ok, i have done another test (without restart..., there are a few apps open...) kaliway with integrated natit dual... pciexpress bus to 118 Mhz processeur q6600 3,2 Ghz
  10. ced1610

    Better OpenGL benchmarking, GioFX OpenMark

    mine looks very good... for a simple 7600 gt... be sure you are x16 in video bus (see in about this mac, more info, graphic card...)
  11. after serveral version of osx, (with succes for all...!!!) my old P5ld2-vm 1.0 with Pentium D3 Ghz seem to be out of order... what king of motherboard, could be also stable and close to the original Mac motherboard ??? with my Asus past, i was obliged to buy an asus motherboard, with ,as far as possible, a Q6600... i have choosen the P5k one with 0603 Bios, and i have listed the small problems has to circumvent (we all was at 10.4.10 time...) - jmicron not reconised by tiger... -atansic gigabit ethernetnot recognised... -alc883 not much used by Insanelymac community at this time... - and the major big problem : ICH9... impossible to install from an ide dvd drive.... after downgrading bios to 0406, ich9 allowed me to activate AHCI on SATA and on Jmicron controler..., at this time, nothing could stop me to reach the osx86 paradise... thank's to taruga, i could resolve the sound problem, by adding a 2 out sound system to this osx TIGER... By adding in bios AHCI on Jmicron, although I cannot boot on Cd, the reader nevertheless was recognized by Toast..., it was impossible to connect sata dd on the black ports of the mother board... but only a month later, freedom... i have donwloded 2 version of Leopard...Iatkos and kaliway... after a few test of iatkos :censored2: , and after installing Kaliway, my choice was done, Kaliway is the best version for my P5K... it include Natively al those stufs that bored me on Tiger, all except Atansic ... -Ich9 recognised... :D -jmicron natively recognised (the SATA black port too...) :D -no need of AHCI in bios... -alc883 in/out spdif,in/out jacks... (natively too !!!!) :D -EFI v8... with vanilla kernel... (first time for me...) :D but in this heaven, a small problem remain... my open gl was attached at 1/10 of it's potensial... systeme info told me pci express 1x... after installing a lot of graphic drivers, without results,i decided to upgrade my bios to 0805... what a boost... system info tell me now pci express 16x... and it's not the same... be careful with those old bios, and i hope that this will be able to help somebody... :angel: a small test with OpenMark tell you how it is important 16x on pci Express port...
  12. ced1610

    Extensions pour Safari

    fredouille et les autres : pour telecharger une video youtube, dailymotion... pas besoin d'un einieme plug-in, safari le fait deja tres bien... lancez la video, cliquez menu "fenetre", choisir activité et dans activité double-cliquer sur le plus gros fichier (generalement quelques mo...en augmentation), il sera dans votre dossier de telechargement...
  13. ced1610

    efi et mise a jour 10.5.2

    petite question... ne peuvent-il pas tout simplement pour la 10.5.2 officielle remplacer les fichier de boot efi ?????? ou verifier lors de la mise a jour la presence d'un fichier boot modifié (via un checksum md5 ?????) verifier la presence (reelement...) de la TPM ??? je pense qu'ils ont deja en leur possession les armes ultime pour arreter ce jeu, mais que ce moyen detourné (sans SAV, sans les petit problemes de debutants...) leur permette d'attirer nombre de switcher... comme moi... :D pour info : sur osx86 depuis 2005... pas d'autre système ( a part un petit dd virtuel XP Parallels... rarement utilisé) j'ai comme nombre d'entre vous vu passer les 10.4.1,10.4.3,10.4.4,10.4.5,10.4.8...10.5.1..., et j'ai pu constater la robustesse de cet OS, j'ai acheté 2 Ipod depuis, 1 Macbook Core2duo, 1 20" apple cinema, et j'en passe... il est aujourd'hui certain que j'ai trouvé mon OS... allez Steve, un petit effort sur les tarifs et je succomberai au MacPro... :D
  14. ced1610

    "still waiting for root device"

    try to boot your dvd from a usb external drive... some ata chipset (like yours) are not recognised very well... for Jmicron, it' the same...external usb drive for install...