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  1. it is "software raid" how-to It can be done at any type of pata, sata, sas, scsi board 8))) But I want to make it possible for boot from LSI hardware raid
  2. for LSI 1064/1068 chips we need to make it possible to load original efi drivers may be netcas can help us with some of EFIv8 patches? Today workaround is only JBOD working well with boot support on lsi based chips. LSI 1064E chip (SAS3041E) test benchmarks vs ICH10 (same system, just cable changing and reboot) ICH10 xbench results onICH10.txt SAS3041E(inserted into PCIex1(not PCIex4!!!!!!!!)) xbench results onLSI.txt As I see - 13% faster against ICH10 AHCI. And of cause - native driver supported bootable!!! bootable.tiff kext loaded kext_original.tiff profiler info profiler.tiff SAS icon for a drive(removable in LSI MPT Bios!!!) SASicon.tiff raid - not supported!!!!!!!! 8((((((((
  3. podarok

    asus p5k se

    Heh. This drivers I used at the postinstall part. For accessing to IDE - I have USB2IDE adapter(very cheap and must have!). But after installation drivers from upper link just install using KextHelper Another way - prepare boot123 bootable disk and put my drivers into Extra/Extensions folder onto it - thats all! Good luck
  4. try to install it via kexthelper - pissibly Your system starts up with another rtl8139 instance
  5. need more information about lsi 1068 support under hackintosh, mostly for RAID0 RAID1 support It is very powerfull solution.
  6. this config successfully working on 10.5.3 btw
  7. Just started new page at wiki http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/PCI_ID_CL I think it is better way to keep full list of supported hardware vs OSX.X.X.X version pages with duplicated content! If it does not - just kill it please 8)
  8. podarok

    Marvell 88SE6111

    2x-tremist http://my.ukrweb.info/en/marvell-and-others-ata-kext-leopard only one now fixed
  9. podarok

    Marvell 88SE6145 SATA-II Contoller

    http://my.ukrweb.info/en/marvell-and-others-ata-kext-leopard Updated kext for 88se6111 PATA + eSATA and 88se6145 SATA Good luck!!!
  10. podarok

    AFP Connection Problems

    I have a problem with stability using afp (sse2 notebook) After a few packets using afp protocol - kernel panic 8( smb works fine but sometimes crashes too
  11. just do steps 8-9 from my how-to and Your system become bootable After that You can install all other drivers
  12. podarok

    Account Creation Stuck

    try Steps 8-9
  13. podarok

    Account Creation Stuck

    You installed but can`t boot it? If Yes - steps 8-9 from my how-to
  14. podarok

    Account Creation Stuck

    Yes. I was in terminal and typed out the commands you told me to, and it froze. So I hand restarted and still have the same error. Can I just remove IONetworkingFamily.kext ? Yes - You can, but You will need it in feature - so do backup Using my how-to You can delete Your Extensions folder from HDD and Copy working folder from DVD so after reboot You can boot from HDD with a DVD kext configuration