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Big MacBook Issues!

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I got my Macbook 1 yr and a month ago (about). For a while, my screen has been flickering, and about 3 months ago, when my screen is on any brightness level, it will just go black, and I'll have to wait for it to go back. Thats a pretty big issue, but not my worst. My worst issue is when the keyboard and clicker will not work. The trackpad will work, no loading things, but I can't use the keyboard or clicker!!

About 6 months ago (soundless you remember this) one of my CPU's died and i had to get a new one.


My real question is can I take my computer to the Apple store and get it fixed... for free, or will i have to pay


Specs: Macbook core duo 1.83 ghz. 1 gb RAM. 60 gb HD



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