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XBench results good or not?

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Well I ran Xbench to check my Hash's perfomance...


Here are the results


Xbench: 169.51 (Im the red bar)

Geekbench: 4854


I'm a little bit concerned about the score I got for the Hard drive (81.56).


Can you please tell me if its good or not?


The system runs on 500GB W.D Caviar [WD5000AAKS] Hard drive.


what about my overall score? is it good for the hardware I have??

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My xBench total score is 192.32. This score is affected quite a bit by your drives. I have several Samsung 500gb Hotpoint drives and although they are solid performers for editing and data storage, I discovered they really stink as Systems disks. My overall disk score with the samsung disk is about the same or less than yours. If I restore the exact same image to a Maxtor DiamondMax 500gb disk, that score shoots up to 122+. I haven't tried it on my WD Raptor 10000K drives because they are 74gb drives and my OS partitions are 130gb so the image won't fit. They're a bit noisy anyway, so I probably wouldn't use them as a regular system drive, but I'd be interested to see what the xbench score would be.

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Thanks BJ, so you say that the WD scored OK?

If the score is OK, I'll give back the two noisy seagates and replace them with two more WDs - they're really quite..


1. any one else had any experience with these 2 kind HDDs?


2. BJ, may I ask what do you use the raptors for?


3. What about my total score? is it good (considering the specs)?

I guess that you got that 192.32 because the CPU right?

If you have a link to your Xbench results I'd like to see it... to see if my graphic scores are good:


Quartz Graphics Test 177.88


Line 145.96

9.72 Klines/sec [50% alpha]


Rectangle 185.56

55.40 Krects/sec [50% alpha]


Circle 177.33

14.46 Kcircles/sec [50% alpha]


Bezier 161.34

4.07 Kbeziers/sec [50% alpha]


Text 248.03

15.52 Kchars/sec


OpenGL Graphics Test 187.81


Spinning Squares 187.81

238.25 frames/sec


User Interface Test 461.71—>


Elements 461.71—>

2.12 Krefresh/sec

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Well I did the tests...

You can see it shows up in my sig (I also edited the first message on the thread.


What do you think is it good?

for me its just another number...


Xbench: 169.51

Geekbench: 4854

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Oh man, thats great news!!! :smoke:

You really maid my day!



And when Intel releases the new Penryn (45nm) chips I'm going to be upgrading (since I have the P35 chipset)..

This system will give a good :wacko: to Apple's new Macs...


Good, now that my system seem to perform good, it's time to start messing with the Final cut studio 2... and see if it perfoms good with my hardware!




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