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  1. ArkaPro

    How to resize Leopard system partition

    Hmmm.. well its MBR.. What shall I do?
  2. I want to increase the Partition size. Is there a way? a Program? anything? I don't matter deleting the other partitions - as long as the system partition will be bigger thanks!
  3. I'm afraid to break something. I'd rather buy a simple USB external card Maybe something like the Creative Xmod Can somebody recommend a simple STEREO working USB card? that way I wont depend on the internal1. Oh and I'm thinking About replacing the Palit 9800GT 1GB for the GIGABYTE GTX260 because for some reason I cant get it to work on with QE\CI and also no Dual monitors (it has DVI+HDMI) I think thats the reason: So Ill try the GIGABYTE GTX 260 that has dual DVI's .. BTW Rankrotten Did you manage to run all sata + esata ports on our board? for some reason I have to disable the other SATA eSATA in the BIOS to make the OSX run....
  4. Thanks for repling - I have 10.5.8 running but having trouble to instal the Palit 9800GT 1GB card. so I might as well give a 2nd try to 10.6.3 ( i have a 10.6.2 10.6.3 retail images). tring to install with the boot CD I created on the 10.5.2 Kalyway temp install on the other Hdd the instructions of this script are a bit tricky for me (the 10.5.8 script was simpler.. to me) so which one of the Legacy HDA were u talking about - in what folder in the repository? thanks!! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Update: I have managed to install 10.6.3! - using Boot CD - 10.6.2 Retail DVD - 10.6.3 CMB udate toggled spotlight off used the script for: installetion of kexts updadeting boot caches I chose SUPER COMBO for both KEXT AND CACHES - (Don't know what is the difrrence between normal COMBO and SUPER COMBO) All looks to be working great accept 3 things! 1. When Pressing ENTER from the Chameleon RC4 Boot-loader on the NEW 10.6.3 HDD. I get a lot of lines running until OSX loads up. WHY? 2. Palit Nvidia 9800GT 1GB is NOT working: even though I saw In 10.6.3 HCL table that it should work out of the box when GraphicsEnabler set to "Yes" - Why? what should I do? am I not setting the "GraphicsEnabler set to "Yes" right? 3. Sound not working because I have GA-X58(A)-UD5 - so it has ALC889 (NOT ALC889A) Like you guys have. So "Rankrotten" suggested me to install the LegacyHDA.Kext from Kexts_10.6/_audio/_repository/EVGA_X58_ALC889. still not working... Im not sure I installed it right (I just copied it to the "_audio" folder in Kexts_10.6 and ran the script...? But whats really bugging me is why the Palit card is not working?!
  5. OK I have managed to install 10.5.8 using the old DD script! on this hardware: looks great only the mobo I'm using is: GA-X58A-UD5 and Palit Nvidia 9800GT 1GB graphics card. It appears that the GA-X58A-UD5 mobo has a different sound card... thus its not working: The diffrence: GA-X58-UD5 Has a Realtek ALC889A codec GA-X58A-UD5 Has a Realtek ALC889 codec So sound is NOT working! does any1 have a GA-X58A-UD5 board in this thread with working sound? or where and how can I get it to work?
  6. Thanks for replying CruiSAr Well I installing from Kallyway in all of my previuse succefull time. ANd I didn't figure out how to creat a boot USB disk to install from... I would appreciate it if some1 help me with this .... I'm tring to put my hands on 10.6.3 retail version - maybe it will work....
  7. Dear DD & UD5 users: I have a very stable install on a 10.5.7 vanilla hckintosh using the old DD's Leopard script. all is good. so good that my friend asked me to build him a new rig. So I recommended this mobo He Got this Hardware: - he actually bought the GA-X58A-UD5) - Display Card: PALIT 9800GT 1GB but I don't think it should spoil things. so I started the Snow leopard way. I followed the instructions and recommendations. He has 2 HDDs I installed 10.5.2 Kallyway distro on one of them - for the purpse of installing the Vannila SL on the first HDD. I downloaded your latest script. and started the procedure: Pre-Install: 0. Installed KallyWay 10.5.2 from another HDD 1. Disabled spotlight for the target Partition. 2. loaded a FULL RETAIL 10.6.2 MAC OSX ISO Installation: 1. Chose the /EXTRA option 1. Installed Chameleon 2.0 RC3 Bootloader as you recommended for SL. 2. Made Partition Active 3. The Mac OS X Starts I get the message: "this package contains a program that determines if the software can be installed. are you sure you want to continue?? I press continue and then I get an Alert message leaving me with the only option to close! WTF - I knew I will run in to trouble but so early in the process? BTW I have tried to load a Full Legal Retail DVD of Apple snow leopard - thinking maybe its the image... but still I get the same Alert message... I click Continue: I don't know what to do?!???! I have tried to search the topic for "Alert" but got NO results.... (( Is it maybe because its: GA-X58A-UD5 mobo? Please Help! He Has a big Editing project in 2 days!
  8. No Shut down NO SLEEP! I installed a fresh copy of 10.5.7 to a friend using DD's first script (the one that on this thread) he bought the same HardWare as me. for some reason when I press shut down - it restarts. and when I try to SLEEP - the monitors get black - for 5 seconds than come back automatically.. Any ideas? maybe some power managment settings in BIOS? very weird - I did the same procedure on my own rig with no problems at all! Please help!
  9. ArkaPro

    ROCKETRAID 2310 - 4gb ram

    Hello all, I just bought and installed the RR 2310 V2 Installed 4 1TB WD Black Caviars. installed the latest Card BIOS (2.5) Ran the drivers for windows 7 worked great! BUT When I tried to installed the supplied drivers that came for MAC with the install CD. rr2310_00-MacOSX-universal-v115-070322.dmg pdated boot caches restart nothing happen Nothing in Disk Utility Nothing on Hardware RAID (SYS profiler) and no CONSOLE in th https://localhost:7402/ WTF? I tried to find another driver in the website: http://www.hptmac.com/US/product.php?_inde...ewtype=download MAC driver is not available. So I searched more and found a prior version: rr2310_00-v112-0430.dmg Installed rebooted Nothing on disk util but I managed to do into the WEB console Only to find out that he didn't find any DEVICES (Hard drives) When I try to run the driver manually: ash-3.2# [b]/Library/StartupItems/Hptsvr/hptsvr[/b] Failed to connect driver. Failed to connect driver! What to do? PLEASE I saw that a few PPL with 2310 had RAN OSX86 (thats why I bought the damn thing. Please show me how you did it ! ( I just want to make it work as a VIDEO DATA disks - Not as bootable OS RAID) thanks! please help I have a big project coming right up!
  10. ArkaPro

    Edimax 7318USg and iATKOS

  11. all I got was a black screen after startup... What to do? this is HP pavillion 2650 Nvidia 8400M
  12. Howdy folks, I just re-installed everything from scratch (DD's 10.5.6 retail + 10.5.7 upgrade script) So I didn't have the chance to test DW on the RIP system. all works great and stable - with the exception of parallels that I managed to recover the PVM image from the RIP system using Stellar Phoenix Macintosh - MAC Data Recovery Software 2.2. It only gave me the option to recover files - not to fix & find the deleted partition info. but I had some trouble with re-associating the files. and also It some times just makes my OSX not to respond... I still haven't found the reason. And to all of you guys PMing me about why I still run Leo and not snow kitty. Well this is an video editing system. There is a rule of thumb that many proffesionals and studio owner follow. Never go into a new OS before the first service pack (in case your using Win) or 10.X.2 or 10.X.3 is out. even if I had a real mac Pro I would still run a stable, well known, program compatible system - like 10.5.7/8 And wait for all the proggies to become stable, bug free and compatible with Snow kitty. I have a very proffessional colligue that is a sound editor (using Pro-Tools mainly) and he still runs Tiger on his G5 systems. Most of us are "gotta have the latest version PPL" but if you need to run a reliable\stable sys.. I I'd wait a little longer. This is my personal opinion - I'm sure wizards like BJMOOSE (who's opinion I highly respect) which is also a video editor will beg to differ. What do you guys think?
  13. Thanks man, I gave up on trying to reallocate the lost partitions. I found a working USB drive that had 10.5.7 running - so I installed DD'a 10.5.7 script (the old one) BTW when running OSX on USB disk it is really slow - every operation takes time - even to open a FINDER window etc... is it normal?
  14. Thanks man - I tried other restore programs such as "FILESALVAGE" but I could only retrieve files - not to actually restore the Partition info's. I struggled for a hole day - untill I gave up... So I decided to just re-install evrything from top.... I just finished installing the 10.5.7 DD script (the old one) Enabled my GPU. and now starting installing every thing 1 prog at a time. Too bad I didn't try your advice (DiskWarrior) earlier...
  15. HELP! I think I just killed my solid install with all the programs inside (DD's 10.5.7 script, FC STUDIO, Avid, Parallels etc)! Took me days to install every thing right! Well every thing worked fine but then I tried to use PARAGON Partition Manager to backup Vista installation on another HDD. I got into my chameleon with no problem as usual: But when entering Leopard I got this: So I tried to run singel user mode, and Verbose nothing helped! when I tried to go to another install of Kallyway on the machine it didn't recognize the drive "LEOPARD" drive - and its partitions: All the partitions are gone!? The thing I can't understand is that the bootloader installed on the same HDD as the missing LEOPARD OS! How come I can get into the bootloader but can't load the OS that is in it? another thing is when go into my vista's STORAGE MANAGER I can still see the partitions in the "LEOPARD" DRIVE (check out the mouse pointer - it points on the partition that has the "lost" partition. I guess that some how the Mac allocation table of that drive was damaged - so OSX cant see this drive's partition and data. Is there a way to some how retrieve it? make OSX see this partitions again? Please I spent days installing all the software and making it to be solid!