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  1. I've been running a Hackintosh since Tiger, and loved every second of it. I'm mostly a linux guy, but OS X has been a breath of fresh air. So, yesterday I bit the bullet and purchased a 13 inch aluminum macbook. I got the 2.0gz model with 2gb of ram (the 4gb kit is on it's way from newegg). It was a bit expensive, $1400 after all was said and done. But wow, this is by far the best laptop I've ever owned. If any of you are contemplating buying a real mac, I'd highly recommend one of the new macbooks. I certainly don't regret it.
  2. netflix streaming beta for mac

    Solved: For me anyways. I installed the kexts provided by gjetson on the first page use Kext Helper. After a reboot, I no longer received the DRM error message.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm in the market for a new laptop. In your experience, what's the best laptop for running Leopard out of the box? (Besides a macbook )
  4. Also, a quick fix would be to install OSX as the only OS on your system. If you need windows, run it in parallels (It's actually really fast).
  5. Any REAL perks with 10.5.2 update?

    I used Kalyway's DVD, and Kalyway's update killed my install. I know there is another method for updating to 5.2, but like you said, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. None of the applications I run "require" 5.2, so I'm going to stick with 5.1 until 5.3 is released.
  6. Assumptions * You're using the same hardware as me * You have some means of formating your HD other than apples diskutil * You're using 1 OS on 1 HD. Ie, no dual booting from a single disk. (Honestly, just go out an buy another HD. It makes life soooo much easier) I've successfully installed Kalyway's 10.5.1. However, getting there wasn't a simple task. Before I explain how I did it, I'll list my hardware. Intel C2D 2.33ghz Gigabyte ga-p35-DS3L eVGA Nvidia 7600GT 4gigs of ram Dual Western Digital SATA HDs (320gig & 250gig) External usb2.0 DVD-RW (By Pioneer) New mac keyboard with generic mouse Ok, so the Kalyway ISO was in a zip file, which I could not get to unzip properly under windows. So, I had to install 10.4.10 (by kalyway) just to burn a proper copy of 10.5.1. However, once I had the disk in hand, installation was a breeze. 1. Go into your mobo setting, turn on AHCI. I've forgotten the actual text, but it's the third section down, and the first two settings. By default, they should say "Disabled", just enable them. At boot, press f12. Select "usb-cdrom". Darwin should pop up. Quickly press f8. Then type "-v", then press enter. After the graphic install pops up, go to Disk Utility and make sure you can see your hd. If you can't, there may be several problems. First, I'd attempt formating it (with ext3 or NTFS) using some other method. If it still isn't showing up, consult the forums. If it is showing up, go ahead and erase the full disk as "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)". Take note of the "Partition Map" in the lower right hand corner. It will assume it says MBR, if it says otherwise, consult the forums. Pushing onward. After you've formated the disk, move on into the installation unless you see the "customize button". From there, select "MBR" for boot method, "Natit" for video, and nothing else. Click install, and you are finished. For audio, I use a M-Audio fast track which costs about 30 bucks and has mac drivers. Alternatively, you can pick up a nice usb audio device BY apple from Best Buy for about 40 bucks. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to help.
  7. I know that when using 10.4.x, installing apples automatic updates would undoubtedly break one's system. However, I was wondering if this is still true with 10.5.1? How about if I use the vanilla kernel? Thanks!
  8. I've got a p35-DS4L. Everything works wonderfully except sound. But you'll experience this problem with almost any mobo you'll buy. The easy solution is to buy a USB audio device that supports OSX. In my case, I bought an m-audio fast track. It installs easily using the drivers from m-audio's website.
  9. Dual Boot vs Parallels

    I have xp on one drive, and 10.4.10 on another. I've found that using parallels is sufficient for my needs. Basically, when I need to compile so cross-platform code, I'll pop into parallels really quick - do my dirty work, then get out.
  10. Hi, I have a gigabyte p35 d3sl motherboard. I have 10.4.10 installed on a 300gb SATA drive, and XP installed on a 60gb IDE drive. I also have a 250gb ntfs IDE drive that I use for archiving data. My osx installation works wonderfully. The only problem is that I need (at least) read-only access to my windows installation and my 250gb drive. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you.
  11. Generally speaking, no. You can't use apple's automatic updates. They'll almost always break your system. You'll need to use updates released by the osx86 community.
  12. Hi, I have a SATA drive that had Ubuntu + Vista with Grub as the boot loader. I've now formated that hard drive NTFS. So, using a separate IDE drive with XP installed, I'm installing 10.4.10 via VMware. The problem is that when I reboot with my SATA drive as master, Grub still comes up. Is there any way to get darwin to overwrite grub? Thanks. Edit: Solved the problem. I reinstalled following these steps.
  13. Build Osx86 To Run Logic 8

    Lets not forget that ₤1000 GBP = $2100 USD. At this price, one could buy a decent iMac. However, I'd rather build a Hackint0sh and spend the extra money on a professional audio interface. Gigabyte p35 DS3L 4 gigs of ram Core 2 Duo extreme geForce 7600GT (Natit .02) dvd burner, case, etc This will come to about $700 usd. Next comes a top-end audio interface (With OS X support): Echo Layla 3G 8-Channel PCI Audio Interface $500 http://www.zzounds.com/item--ECHLAYLA3G With the $800 left over, you could buy a nice dual monitor setup (which the 7600GT supports).
  14. Weird network card problem

    It turns out windows was to blame. Go into Network -> Lan -> Properties -> Configure -> Advanced -> Wake Lan on Shutdown -> Enabled. Restart. Problem solved.