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  1. How to install iAtkos L2 on Dell Inspiron N7110

    Well I use an external adapter for wireless that is OS X compatible (I'm too far from the router for the wireless in the laptop to work) so I just installed the Snow Leopard driver off the CD and it works great. I think its interesting that in verbose mode, it picks up the ALPS Glide but doesn't activate it. I would definitely appreciate that kext. I extracted the DSDT and put it in Chimera which now takes me to a black screen when the desktop launches (when the Intel HD graphics kexts are installed) so if we can get the 201 errors in our DSDT patched up, we might be able to get graphics working that way. The auto-fixer patches all but 1 error and a few warnings but obviously that stops it from being able to build the DSDT.aml file and I don't have much experience working with DSDT since I kind of dropped off the face of the OS X planet a few years ago. What are you using for sound? VoodooHDA is horrid! Lots of background noise and it pops and hisses :/
  2. What BIOS version was that for? I have A12 and it has 201 errors...
  3. How to install iAtkos L2 on Dell Inspiron N7110

    Well after some fiddling, I finally got it installed but no matter what I do, I can't seem to get QE/CI on my HD 3000... if I put the kexts back and fix permissions I get stuck on the Apple screen again. Guess this laptop is a no go. Bummer.
  4. How to install iAtkos L2 on Dell Inspiron N7110

    I have the same machine as you do but with an i5, BIOS A12, and 8GB of RAM and I cannot get these instructions to work. The touchpad does not work so I plugged in an external mouse. The DVD will not boot (it just freezes when I press any key or F8) when the mouse is plugged in when it starts loading up the bootloader and when I plug the mouse in after the bootloader starts the kernel, the optics come on but then shut off indicating the OS disabled the device. Is there something that I'm missing here? I checked the BIOS for a legacy mode for USB or anything and there is nothing there. I haven't worked with Hackintosh in a long time but wanted to give it a try on my new machine. Were you able to use the touchpad after installation? I can try messing around with USB ports and see if I get a different result and such but I'm not too hopeful and since nobody has managed to make a contiguous DVD (it jumps all over the place trying to find data and wears out the drive faster plus takes forever to boot) I won't mess around with it too much. This machine would be great if I could get OS X on it (well it is already great but it would be even better).
  5. Snow Leopard 10.6 Bad Axe 2 Guide..

    You know... this is getting annoying... I love my board, I've had it for years... but you're saying I have to turn on AHCI which means my Windows 7 is going to KP unless I switch it at boot and I probably can't boot anyway because I had an IDE burner? :/
  6. [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    Nope. Neither worked. No audio after installing the kexts. Not even a volume control icon. This is on 10.5.8
  7. Cmedia 8738

    Is this even in development anymore? Last update I saw was in April and this kext still needs work... Particularly with IDT codecs like the one on the my M17x with nVidia MCP79. I hear like 50 scratching sounds and 10 actual parts of my music... Its horrid.
  8. [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    Sorry to say but I think all of us running the IDT 92HD73C1** chips are out of luck... that's pretty much all newer Dell and Alienware laptops. :/ I've tried everything and I can't get audio out of these chips. Unless you count that slop that comes from VoodooHDA (I'd rather have NO sound).
  9. [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    I have an Alienware M17x myself... I don't know how to do the pin configuration but I can help you with the rest... for example, your device ID is is incorrect. It is 0x111D7675... But even after doing everything correctly, I have no sound and no sound icon... I'm going to go back to Windows and re-verify my HDA controller... I think I just figured out my mistake. EDIT: I am totally baffled... I'm guessing there is zero support for this chip at this time... VoodooHDA is going to be it. I tried the 0ac010de, 0ac110de, 0ac210de, and 0ac310de for the PCI subsystems and it didn't work... then I tried the even more unlikely dell 02a11028 and that didn't work. The enabler loads but it doesn't seem to detect anything.
  10. Just curious... VoodooHDA is nothing but a crackling mess... I'd like to have working audio in my OS X but I'm curious if anyone had luck with this chip because someone in the IDT patching HDA thread stated that it does not work and I'm not going to go through the hugely insane process of byteswapping and codecs, etc., if its not going to work.
  11. So I downloaded a second release... and it seems like it might be a media issue... MD5s check out... I've switched from using the DVD-RW I was using for all my linux installs and its still not working... I hit F8 and type -v and it quickly goes back to the countdown with an error message that goes so quick I can't see anything but "not found" and sometimes it errors saying it can't find /Libraries/*/com.apple.Boot.plist... Its totally random. I've tried AHCI, ATA, and AHCI native... the furthest it ever got was AHCI native but even then, it was FUBAR... Just took about 5 seconds before it dropped me back to the Darwin screen. Any ideas?
  12. Anyone else have this machine that can shine some light? I'm using Hazard's 10.6.1-10.6.2 build that is for Intel and AMD both and its just hanging... I just PPF'd it with the patches he released and I'm going to try again but it looks like there is no support for the MCP79 ATA controller?
  13. Alienware m17x

    What did you use to get it to work? I'm trying Hazard's build and it appears that it doesn't recognize the boot media, probably because of missing kexts for the nForce chipset... I'm getting kind of annoyed. I don't want to download 15 million images to find one that works. I just PPF patched his release and I'm going to try it again...
  14. Alienware m17x

    Honestly, I don't plan to do much gaming on it. I just wanted a laptop that was fast, upgradeable, had a 1920x1200 screen, is reliable, and was a suitable desktop replacement to replace my Toshiba. The Toshiba cost me 2k and wasn't anywhere near being worth the money. The Alienware was 2300, faster than the MBP, had the resolution I wanted, has an accidental damage optional warranty that does NOT involve me having to ship it - they come to me, and Alienware has a reputation of being extremely reliable. On the heat issue, the m17x has some of the best cooling in the industry so if you didn't have that model, you wouldn't know.
  15. Alienware m17x

    Okay so I ordered an Alienware m17x from Microcenter (sweet deal - 2399 for a 2800 config direct through Dell). Here are the components: Q9000 2.0GHz processor 4GB DDR3 1066 500GB 7200 RPM SATA Blu-ray/8xDVD-RW combo 2 nVidia 260M in SLi Onboard 9400M graphics The wireless is apparently Dell's a/g/n solution Chipset is nVidia MCP79 Anyone have this machine and run OS X? I have a Macbook Pro 17" but honestly, I can't stand it. It gets ridiculously hot, the 5400 RPM hard drive is a dog, and the drivers for Windows are buggy at best.