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Canopus DV avi in FC2 - How?


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Hello everybody.

I've got some captured dv avi files from Edius in XP, but i can't load them in FinalCut.

Is there any way, codec or something that allow the file to be imported in FinalCut?


When i try to play the file, it opes as a white clip, and quicktime ask for some codec.


Anyone has a solution, other than open the file in XP (edius) and export using the MS codec?

Cause it's time consuming that way.



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I tried MPEG Streamclip, but is not working either.

Audio is present, but not video.

I googled about this, and it seems there is no workaround, except to re-export from edius as a MS avi file.

But then, i must Manage clips inside Final Cut, due to slow response of the avi files.

Unfortunately too much time and HDD space.

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Hi, I just started taking my first steps in FCPS2.

I mostly work on a PC Premiere pro.


I needed material to test on the FCP, so I too tried to import Canopus DV, and I god the White screen as well.


I have on my Windows a great conversion program - that every editor must have:

Canapus Procoder - version 3 can be found cracked.


basically it can convert everything to almost everything, with the abillity to tweak a lot.


one of the presets supports Editing software > FCP quick time... that should do the job.


tell me how its going on...

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Just convert the video in canopus procoder , your problem solve , canopus pro coder is a great software & Powerfull program , but you must select FCP or AVID Which you want to convert the file into, You can,t find the pro coder for mac just convert the video in xp , save the file in the hard disk then you capture the video through Fire wire Cable, Any doubts feel free to mail me, i will guide you Thank you

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