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  1. The Asus P5LD2-VM How-To Guide

    LOL I will test it again on 10.5.6 Retail. Does Snow Leo work with our board? Will be back soon with results
  2. The Asus P5LD2-VM How-To Guide

    Hi everybody. I have the P2LD-VM with 10.5.5 using the iDeneb distro. Does anybody succeeded with the Retail Leo 10.5.6 + boot132 method? Although i downloaded the Generic.iso, have a USB mouse and keyboard connected and installed Retail 10.5.6, upon reboot after the Welcome space logo's i get a message screen about keyboard not connected. "BEFORE YOU BEGIN... THERE ISN'T ANY KEYBOARD CONNECTED TO THIS COMPUTER" "PLEASE CONNECT YOUR KEYBOARD" Keyboard is working fine and also tested another one with the same results. Keyboard works during installation, but stop's responding before the welcome screen upon the first HDD boot Doe's anybody have a solution on this? Regards
  3. ps/2 doesnt work for leopard kalyway

    It's in my signature. 7600GS fully working, but sleep doesn't work.
  4. ps/2 doesnt work for leopard kalyway

    The only way i've found is NOT to select the "Vanilla_ACPI_fix" That way it works for me, but neither way the sleep works.
  5. As it seems i was able to finish installation, by not choosing "Vanilla_ACPI_fix". What's the perpose of this FIX ? When i choose it, my ps2 keyboard doesn't work, but works if i don't choose it. Also, sleep doesn't work with either kernel (with and without Vanilla). When i try to wake from sleep, PC wake's but no responce from VGA and keyboard. I have enabled BIOS settings about that. P.S. Sorry for the noobie question: What's the difference between choosing Vanilla kernel and not ? Regards
  6. Unchecking this, makes no installation of Vanilla Kernel. I did try and indeed my keyboard works ok, but i am not using vanilla kernel. Also Sleep doesn't work during my test (offcource without vanilla). Anyone having the same problem? You guys are all using USB keyboards? or is my M/B who does this problem? Regards
  7. After testing in my setup, everything seemed fine, but after the restart, i have no keyboard any more. During the setup (from DVD) my keyboard works, but as soon as goes pass the bootloader, there is no activity from my keyboard (ps2). The video comes ok during the first load, but i can't put any information during the first setup (keyboard is dead). I choose GUID on a fresh HDD, with vanilla kexts. Also i changed the bios settings accordingly. This happens for the first time for me. Anyone with keyboard problem? Regards
  8. Just tested the "Totalbenchmark" Results: On XP 1st file = 47sec 2nd file = 10min 38sec On Osx 1st file = 1min 1sec 2nd file = 12min 29sec The Osx has better HDD Please give it a try Regards
  9. And why the heck http://www.barefeats.com/octopro4.html came to the conclusion that AE CS3 is worth the upgrade to 8 core MacPro ??? Have you tried the "TotalBenchmark" test ? I will try it and post later on
  10. You have absolutely right on the above. Let's keep this topic fresh and i am sure, sooner or latter someone will come up with a MacPro result. Have you tried other plugins performance? One Question though: Why my E6400 has the same render time as your Q6600 ? I don't think Motion follows the same road as AE, so if someone is used to work with AE, he may have a little problem on doing the same things he used to. On my machine, parallels have quite some difference in performance compared to real XP boot. But i can't be 100% correct as i feel my Hack a little sluggish in everything, except benchmarks
  11. I did that test and guess what? On my Osx the test finished in exactly 21 minutes and 35 seconds. Now the funny part: I did the same test on my other Hdd on the same machine, but on XP, with same AE CS3 and............. Finished in 12 minutes and 33 seconds. What's up with that? Can't understand that big difference. Rendered Output (Render Que)using the default settings in both platforms. Will do the same test in my other Xp machine and post results latter. But the biggest challenge will be if someone with a MacPro could post his results. EDIT: On my other XP machine, the render finished at: 14 minutes and 37 seconds This machine's specs: Intel DG965 Core2Duo E6300 3x1gb 667 Kingston Value Ram Onboard GMA950 5 HDD's On all setups i used the same AE settings with Multiprocessor enabled. So it looks like a MacOs AE problem Regards
  12. Dear sollar, i am reading about your problem really carefully and although i can't think of something that causes this, i think it would be very educating for all of us , if you could upload your test file (on any upload service e.x. www.rapidshare.com), so we can give a try and post our results. On my machine, having 2 HDD, 10.4.10 (XxX 10.4.10 dvd) on one and XP Sp2 on the other, i see big difference in performance and lag, although i have changed many many distros and kernels. Waiting to test your file!
  13. Canopus DV avi in FC2 - How?

    I tried MPEG Streamclip, but is not working either. Audio is present, but not video. I googled about this, and it seems there is no workaround, except to re-export from edius as a MS avi file. But then, i must Manage clips inside Final Cut, due to slow response of the avi files. Unfortunately too much time and HDD space.
  14. I couldn't agree more. At first, when i installed Osx68 on my Samsung, i couldn't believe the lag the have. The difference you get from my delay, it may be because of the resolution difference. I am at 1920X1200, and if i lower the resolution, using my CRT, the delay is smaller. As for NVinject, i am not quite sure what to delete in order for it to work. It would be very very interesting to hear from more people on this. Regards
  15. Right now i am using the: Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD5000AAKS 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM and i have way better behavior than the: SAMSUNG SpinPoint T Series HD501LJ 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM I have used both as a system drive and the WD is a lot better. Best results i had was with a Raptor drive. And i don't think you will be able to use Software Raid with Hack's. Are you going to use a single drive? If yes my opinion from what i have used is, go with the AAKS ones. If you need more than one drive, again i would go with the AAKS, and for storage i would use the Samsung ones. Again if price is not a problem, i would use, Raptor as a System drive, and for storage the Samsung's. Regards