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Just wanted people to know. I have collected up all my VMware Guides and Tutorials and put them in a single PDF file, available to download for free. The PDF contains 8 parts:


1. Frequently Asked Questions – Mac OS X on VMware


2. Mac OS X 10.4.8 VMware Installation Guide


3. Mac OS X VMware Troubleshooting Guide


4. Mac OS X Speed Up Tips for VMware


5. Mac OS X VMware Networking (Internet) Guide


6. Mac OS X: How To Increase Resolution in VMware


7. VMware Tools for Mac OSx86


8. Where to get additional help



Other than the titles, the entire file is set in Verdana point 9. Screenshots included, though the size has been reduced a bit.




Download: http://######.com/VmwareOSX.zip


Take a look and tell me what you think!


NOTE: If possible I advise you to use the online versions of the guides because they look better, links work, are easier to read, and they may be more up to date

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Thanks, i was looking for a vmware to native guide for running vmware fusion/mac (Have tub 10.4.10 iso and cant install from dvd because of dvdburner fails on burn with disk utility).

Running currently Mac 10.4.8 Jas trying this all.

This this will come in handy for future, cheers.

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Yep no doubt.

I'm testing OS X on VMware workstation right now on my Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows XP.

@ The same time i have VMware Fusion on my mac. It doesn't look like there's options for setting up a physcial drive for native unless that is what the option was for setting up a 2nd harddrive.


So far on laptop it looks to be working.

Edit, it just restarted for no reason at all , with verbose mode.



If i ever get it workin, i'll remove mac on desktop and install Xp then do vmware to native.

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Thanks! The guide still looks a bit shabby so does anyone know of a good FREE PDF editor? I tried Foxit and its no good. What I did with this one is I put all the stuff into a DOC MS Word document and converted it to PDF using an online converter.

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