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  1. iAtkos v7 +Chameleon v2

    Chameleon 2 is installed by default when you install OS X. When you boot Chameleon 2, it will detect other partitions and hard drives. Set your BIOS to boot from the OS X disk. If you haven't installed XP, make sure you do that before OSX as it will save a lot of headaches.
  2. Hi, Osx bootcamp?

    No bootcamp on osx86. But you can use Chameleon 2 with a boot camp theme.
  3. G5 Back Panel Sockets & Wiring...

    It would be much easier to mount the board a little behind the back. Then go buy some female connectors like this one: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.js...oductId=2102498 I don't know if you have RadioShack in the UK, but just buy enough connectors to put in the back. Then use extension cables and and I think solder them onto the connectors, perhaps just plug them in if it works that way. I've never personally done this, but I'm pretty sure that is will work.
  4. Dual Booting Windows 7 and OSX 10.5.6

    What if we wanted to use the new Chameleon bootloader?
  5. Win7, audio remapping and drivers

    Bump? Everything I post gets pushed to another page.
  6. I think I am going to wipe my hard drive and start over, this time installing Win7 and Leopard. I already have an iPC install with the new Chameleon as a bootloader, but I am worried about the actual install. Doesn't Win7 have to be the first partition? (not including the 200MB EFI) Can someone help me in installing? I also need a way to get all of my drivers without overwriting my vanilla ones. I think I've already done this on my current install. It would be great to be able to use the actual Apple updater. Specs in my siggy. (Yes I have an ALC888). As for audio, I currently have speakers plugged into my line out, my line in and microphone ports to get 4.1 surround (center speaker broken). Do I need to manually modify the AppleHDA kext to remap the ports? Thanks, ~tehsusenoh (Sorry for all the questions) EDIT: BTW I am already using EFI strings for video, although the audio won't work with EFI.
  7. [How to] Have sound on all of your speakers.

    I don't get this guide whatsoever. Can you please walk me through it? I have 4.1 (2 front, 2 back and 1 sub, no center because it's broken). I have the ALC888 but I have to plug stuff into all audio ports (line in, out, and mic). In windoze I have this Realtek utility send all of my output through the outputs as well as the inputs and put the center through the 2 fronts. Help would be great. ~tehsusenoh
  8. Belkin USB Wireless Adapter F5D7050

    Anyone still have the Ralink driver? I have the 3000 and need this to work.
  9. ACPI (DSDT) Patcher for BIOS and AML

    Anyone know the correct settings for a EG31M-S2 and a 9800gt? Or do I even need it?
  10. 1. Go into your com.apple.boot.plist file and change the timeout. 2. That's what we're trying to fix.
  11. You know, he does have a full time job at NeoSmart, and therefore, cannot get here so often. Please, stop bugging him and let him work. I'm sorry that I haven't been helping with this whole situation, which I seem to have started... I'm no programmer, and I don't even have an OSx86 install (yet - need to buy that second hard drive).
  12. Make Windows active, then use EasyBCD 2.0 BETA (search for it). Make sure you use the MBR option, not the EFI option.