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Hi Folks,

I am using Linux from past 2.5 Years. Since then I have never looked back. I don't use Windows. I can't use Mac bcoz I can't afford the original Apple Machines. I have heard a lot about this forum. I have heard so many people, saying that this forum is one stop reference to install Mac Os X on IBM architecture Machines. I want to try Mac.


This is my Machine Configuration:


Asus A8N-E Motherboard,

6200 Turbo Cache Geforce Nvidia GPU,

3000+ AMD Athlon,

1 GB Transcend RAM.


Just give me the link to download the latest Mac Os X iso that will support my Machine. Also kindly let me the steps to install the same. Useful links will do the job for me. This is my first post to this forum and first ever try at Mac. Please don't disappoint me.

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We are not allowed to post links to ISOs on the forums but heres a hint: You can find them on The Pirate Bay and Demonoid.




For your, the we need the exact AMD Athlon version (XP or 64) to determine if your CPU supports SSE2 and/or SSE3. If pretty sure its Athlon 64 because looking at your MoBo specs, it only shows support for Athlon 64 series.




For your graphics card, is it the GeForce 6200 or the GeForce Go 6200? For GeForce 6200, this thread gives instructions on how to set up graphics with QE/CI:






Your chipset is an nForce4 so it does have issues with OS X but I have an nForce4 as well and I'm running fine.




Your audio is Realtek ALC850. I have the same thing. Your audio will work with the Azalia Audio Driver.




In your MoBo specs it doesn't say anything about the Ethernet NIC model. I have a very similar MoBo as you and my Ethernet is Intel 82540EM Gigabit. Yours is probably something similar so it will work with the Intel Pro 100 VE Driver.


Bottom line: You're good to go :)

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Thanx a lot for your reply. CPU is Athlon and supports SSE3. First just let me know by what name should i search the iso over piratebay since demonoid is not working from past 2-3 days. If thats not allowed here please pm me the exact torrent that will work for my machine.

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There are a few ISOs you could use. Best ISO for AMD:


Tubgirl 10.4.10


You could also use:


Uphuck 1.3 Universal DVD

Mac OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD Intel SSE2 SSE3 PPF1+PPF2]


**IMPORTANT NOTE**: Regarding the nForce4 chipset, I found a limitation for AMD with it. You won't be able to install to a SATA hard drive. You have to use a PATA (IDE) hard drive or an external USB drive.

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