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yeah thanks for the feedback. the sound sync problem on the play section is very strange, sometimes it is delayed and other times it is advanced.


I will fix the gradient as it is a lighting error...i agree that the smoothness of the loader is off, but the strange part is that i drew that using physics for the collisions and thats what i got...maybe i just need to do it by hand.


anyone here know flash really well and can tell me how to preload an external movie clip in the background? i cannot think of any other way to reduce loadtime

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and the last paragraph, "and often am hired"; maybe I'm or I am


This is the kind of error I am constantly guilty of.


Just a switch is needed:

"...and am often hired..."


"...project development, and project planning."

I can see where you are going with separating the two... but at the expense of fluidity.

"...project development and planning."

More concise, too.


Enough proofreading, though.


On the left, portfolio_bg_1.jpg is cutoff. I haven't tested this with other resolutions, but I would assume it is due to 1024x768.


I just checked on Safari (vs Opera), and the bg is non-existant. If they are supposed to be side-by-side, maybe a table would be a better choice than a div?


I enjoy your 3D work. However, I see that you have Joomla! experience... so you must know PHP and MySQL. I would love to see (and I'm sure your prospective clients would, too) some sort of PHP-based site that showcases any freelance work you have done. It seems as though an open-feeling, content-driven (content being your portfolio, in this case) site with your excellent 3D accents would be more beneficial to you as an online portfolio than boxed in with a (nicely done) 3D flash site.

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