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How are people buying iPhone


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Somebody mentioned in another thread that it's Apple's policy to not bind any contract or discount or anything directly related to the phone service when you buy the phone. You 'officially' need the service to activate the phone... I'm in the US at the moment and I was actually surprised how quick it was to buy it. The only two questions the sales rep asked was '4 or 8GB' and 'charge or cash?' :) In the UK you won't get away that easily when buying a mobi...


I understand the question if you're in a country where they don't sell mobiles without signing a contract in the shop. Other countries sell them without contract but for a much higher price.

I reckon that's the good thing about the iphone. You can buy it for the same price everywhere and without that rubbish haggling for the 'best' tariff. After unlocking you pop in your SIM and off you go.

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