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iPod touch = Newton?

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A lot of us know and remember our Newtons. I for one got one secondhand and it was WONDERFUL (aside from the batteries never lasting terribly long). Now Apple releases the iPod touch for those of you that don't want the phone part. I'll admit it's still tempting to get a Newton, but the iNewt here seems to be a perfectly good replacement.


Here were the features of the Newton:


Address Book


Writing recognition


MP 2000 and up can even get a music player and surf the web.


And now the iPod touch:


Address Book


Music player

web surfing


movie player

photo viewer



Is the iPod really a Newton in disguise? Should it get handwriting recognition (Ink)? And the biggest question: WHERE IS THE STYLUS?????

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i think that you don`t get stylus with touchPod. everything is ready for fingers,well that`s how it seems ...

you should get touchPod for sure,i mean it`s newer and better thing than newton.





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