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Radeon x1600 pro *OR* GeForce 7300 GT ?

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I already looked at the wiki and now i want the opinion of people using these cards in OSX.


I have a very low budget to buy a new video card, about MAX 90-100$


I'm moving from AGP to PCIe, i don't really play games, i like to try them but that about it. Sure i want performance but thats not extremely important.


If you have anything better to suggest that doesn't bust my budget, go ahead!


Thanks for your help.

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PsychoSync, - I've got a 7300 GT in mine, I've had both a BFG Geforce 7300 and an Asus 7300 GT Silent, both have worked extremely well with full qe/ci and dual monitor support with natit v0.1. With my Pentium D 930, the card is fast enough to play Call of duty 2 @ medium settings at 1680x1050.


I'm extremely happy with my 7300, works excellently, Check NCIX.com in canada, they're on for 60 bux this week

Great for a budget card.

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I'm considering a GeForce 7300GT XFX


Natit HLC page states that "GeForce 7300GT (PV-T73E-UDJ3, PV-T73E-UDJ7) XFX G73 256mb" fully works with "QE/CI/OpenGL, Dual DVI Monitors with Natit_dual_v0.02"


But osx86project's HCL for 10.4.8 states that:




Prelude: There are a substantial amount of reports on the forums indicating the 7300 does not work as well as reported below. Remember, everything submitted below are based on information from the author who submitted it, please check the forums for additional information.


I wonder if this GF7300 XFX of my local vendor will work.. since it's PV-T72G-WAN not PV-T73E-UDJ3 or PV-T73E-UDJ7, as listed on Natit's HCL...

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