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  1. Laik's Virginizer for Kalyway 10.5.1

    Sorry, I'll be more specific: I have a GMA950 on an Intel D945GCNL mobo. The glitches I was talking about are likely to happen practically every time I use Get Info on Finder, the Info Windows goes to the top left of the screen and as the cursor hovers over it, something strange happens. If I pass over "Spotlight Comments" a 'ghost cursor' get stuck in the screen and sometimes a black square appears on top of the Apple logo menu, to disappear right after I click it. I was guessing that GC Leopard didn't pack those bugs and has full compatibility with my video card... do you have any ideas? Thanks for the answer.
  2. Laik's Virginizer for Kalyway 10.5.1

    Kalyway 10.5.1 is indeed the best Leopard packaging I've seen, but it still acts weird and beta-like. Sometimes "pieces" of the cursor or the marble of death get stuck in the middle of the screen and go away after you slide a window or menu over them. Some times a black square gets stuck right about the Apple menu and goes away after you click over it. I'm trying Virginizer hoping that it will fix these issues (I'm guessing they're related to Core Image), if not.. we can only hope for a next packaging that will fix those glitches and run as smoothly as JaS's Tiger
  3. Which OSx86 ISO do you use?

    JaS 10.4.8 + 10.4.9 update with PPF1+2 was my first and (so far) only image. It works great and everything was detected out of box (from GMA950 to Wireless).. but reading this post, I can't help wonder.. What if I try another ISO like Uphuck or XxX? Can I go even faster? Or will I just be risking to waste my time on downloading and installing something that couldn't been much better than what I got right now? My specs: Core 2 Duo 4400 Intel MoBo with 945GZ chipset (plus GMA950) 1 ghz kingston ram Belkin wireless
  4. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Does it work for ALC662?
  5. I'm considering the D945GCPE for a hackintosh, but HCL for 10.4.8 has mention of it. It has GMA950 as onboard GPU, which is great.. but the chipset is a 945GC Express. Anybody has any idea if it works?
  6. I'm considering a GeForce 7300GT XFX Natit HLC page states that "GeForce 7300GT (PV-T73E-UDJ3, PV-T73E-UDJ7) XFX G73 256mb" fully works with "QE/CI/OpenGL, Dual DVI Monitors with Natit_dual_v0.02" But osx86project's HCL for 10.4.8 states that: I wonder if this GF7300 XFX of my local vendor will work.. since it's PV-T72G-WAN not PV-T73E-UDJ3 or PV-T73E-UDJ7, as listed on Natit's HCL...
  7. Natit HLC page states that "GeForce 7300GT (PV-T73E-UDJ3, PV-T73E-UDJ7) XFX G73 256mb" fully works with "QE/CI/OpenGL, Dual DVI Monitors with Natit_dual_v0.02" But osx86project's HCL for 10.4.8 states that: My question is: I saw a good deal on a "GF7300 XFX PV-T72G-WAN PCI-E 256/512Mb" ; will it work with Natit or Titan? (since it says PV-T73E-UDJ3 and PV-T73E-UDJ7, not PV-T72G-WAN) Thanks in advance
  8. Intel DG33BU + GMA 3100

    You are right! (Sorry for asking before doing a proper research, by the way..) I have found Gigabyte's GA-945GM-S2 to be just the perfect choice. It handles Core 2 Duo, has GMA 950 embedded, has great reviews about its quality and it's cheaper! Thanks for the tip.. and, indeed, google is my friend
  9. I'm planning to assemble a osx86 compatible box using an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, which is not supported by an older motherboard, such as D945 (which has the sluggish GMA 950 as onboard video and therefore is 100% compatible with osx86). My question is simple: will the motherboard AND the GMA 3100 videoboard work a 100%?