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  1. G5 with PC Video Card?

    It may be possible, i already flashed a GeForce Ti 4200 and a Radeon 9800 Pro and they worked in a Mac flawlessly. You should go to www.strangedogs.com, that site is dedicated to flashing PC cards to make them work in Macs.
  2. Can i download InsanelyMac ?

    Well even having the lo-fi version would be ok, i just want the treads and post. But i understand that this isn't as simple as it seems. Would have been nice to have the osx86 encyclopedia on a usb key. The english-only Wikipedia takes 14G compressed so this forum must not be bigger than something like 3-4G compressed? How much is it? Thanks anyway.
  3. Can i download InsanelyMac ?

    I know how to search on google and i already did, if i ask here for help it is because i hope someone has: 1 - A direct link to a compressed or uncompressed backup of the forum (like wikipedia does, they provide backups that can be downloaded) 2 - An app that does the job well and that this someone know exactly what settings the app should be set to to only rip the entire forum and not anything unrelated. So thank you for the awesome advice of searching google but i'm hoping to save time.
  4. Hi This is a question wich i hope is ok to ask, there it goes: I want to bring InsanelyMac to a computer without an internet connection and browse it online. How much space does this forum take? Could someone refer me to a link (there must be backups made my the owner?) that i can download the entire site or maybe just enlighten my on a good way to download the site with an application? Many thanks.
  5. The New iPod Touch

    Well, i really like the hardware volume buttons, when i'm in the bus and a song is too loud i don't really like having to get the iPod out of my coat everytime i want to turn down the volume!
  6. Make your hardware work in 1 click

    Can't wait to test this app!!!
  7. I know this is an outdated post but couldn't resist to reply. This must simply be a syntax error: min eMac speed = 700Mhz G4.
  8. Hi Simple question (i hope...) I want to install an Airport card for my eMac, do i have to use Apple's card or can i use a cheaper card like one made by Dlink? Is it a standard wifi card format? Another question, does anybody know what a bluetooth card for the eMac looks like? Thanks
  9. Hey wmarsh, did you try the x3000 integrated video onboard? There should be drivers in Leo that could be tweaked to make it work as x3000 is the desktop version of the mobile x3100. Anyone succeded in activating that card? Thanks
  10. Installation Locking Up... HELP Needed Please

    I have the same problem with my computer, i have an nForce4 controller and it seems that the problem is that the install DVD can't write to a nforce disk. It worked for me by installing on my sata hard drive on another compatible PC and then putting the HD back in my computer. But i heard that someone by the name of MeDevil or something is working on an nForce driver that will maybe be released just in time as a Christmas gift...
  11. Hi I dropped my external Hard drive and now when i try to read it it ask me if i want to format it! Does anybody knows of any utility that ca recover my data? Something free maybe? Thanks for any help.
  12. Lokking on eBay i foud an iBook G4 with following problem: Seller told me: "The problem seems to come and go. Yesterday when I cleaned out the hard drive and restored the software it worked for hours without a hitch. Sometimes it may work for a while and then suddenly the screen goes black and other times it will turn on with a black screen and the fan going at full speed (this laptop is normally almost completely quiet). Whether it will get worse over time, or not, I don't know, but it does need to be fixed in order for the laptop to be dependable." Did someone here experienced that problem?(probably...) What could it be? Is it an easy fix? I don't have a lot of money to spend (about max 250$ incl. shipping), i wish to find a broken iBook/Powerbook G4 wich could probably be easely fixed by someone good enough at computers... ME. A faulty logic board isn't (i think) fixable so it's out of the question. A broken HD that i don't care dismantling an iBook to change it. If the earlier mentionned problem is related to the graphics chip it would be great as it could probably be fixed by adding pressure on the chip... Well anyway, what do YOU think? Thanks.
  13. Hi The iBook G4 12" 800Mhz uses SO-DIMM 266Mhz pc2100 RAM. Can i use something faster like ddr2 667 (knowing it can't run faster than the iBook' speed) cause they're cheaper? Thanks
  14. iBook on eBay...

    Thanks for you replies. Well, like Kernalzero said, i'm gonna save my money for something that is working...
  15. iBook on eBay...

    Hi I'm looking for a cheap iBook to fiddle with. While browsing on eBay, i came across an iBook with a non-working screen, here is what the guy says: "the book have no video the 14 inch display is black now u can hear it working but you can not see a thing When you hit the bright key you no when you are max out because you get the peep same with sound" Does that look like an easy repair? What could the problem (most probably) be? Thanks for any tips.