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Can someone just port Garageband and iMovie over the Windows?

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If someone does that, I'll just skip installing Mac OS X all together.


Sure no problem, I spoke to gates and ballmer they're all for it. :)

Now just waiting to hear from jobs ;)

Should be out around......um......................................200never ;)


Sorry, could not help myself :P

Dude that will never happen!

end of story!

Right. Seeing as Apple has the source code I imagine you will be waiting for some time.


You realise that because OSX is built on Darwin which is open source that people have access to the source code and then provide hacks for that to bypass limitations.


No one has access to the source code for Apple Apps so it's not going to happen.

It wouldn't be a lot nicer.... at all. The operating system itself helps make using Garageband and iMovie so great.


I'm not sure if you know how to code, port programs, ect. (I don't) or not, but I'm pretty sure you can't "just" do it. I'm taking a pretty uninformed guess here, but i think it'd be easier writing whole new programs for Windows.


Whats wrong with OS X anyway? Installing it has become so easy, for me at least, and I'd use it even without iLife.

Well, universal binaries can run on a lot of different OSes with the same code. Safari is now on Windows, and I don't think they wrote it from scratch (I'm not sure though). There isn't really anything wrong with OS X except for the fact that it isn't windows, and I would have to give up all the stuff I enjoy (at least in the way I am familiar with).


At the very least, porting mac programs to windows would save the hastle of partitioning, downloading macintosh, making it compatible, dual booting or tri booting, etc. and you would still have all of your files and your familiar OS.

I am sorry to all the Mac fan boys out there, but I have to agree with Mactivist.


Personally I love my OSx86 PC and will probably use it just as much as Windows from here on out, but I will never and I mean ever pay for an OVER PRICED real Mac (Hell, I won't even buy a PC from the store, I have to build to be satisfied). There is no reason to now.


It would make it easier for us primarily Windows users if Apple Mac just gave up their primarily Monopolistic ways and make their GREAT Apps available for Windows or hell even Linux.


Overall, I think the applications would have the same effect as the iPod. It would make Windows users aware that there is GREAT alternatives and different things out there. (By the way I own a Zune and protest iPods and iPhones).


I am just trying to say, that Windows is a great OS, different versions of Linux are great OSes, and Mac OS X is a great OS. So why don't they share and all get along. Why can't their users get along either.


Just because you have a Mac or like a Mac, doesn't mean you have to hate Windows and visa versa. It just doesn't make sense.


As a side note, if it is because Microsoft is monopolistic, that is a load of {censored}. Get a different excuse. OS X has the same features Microsoft has gotten in trouble with for Windows, except no one cares because OS X isn't the majority market holder.


Peace to everyone and keep on macKIN'


Cody Griffin

Safari was ported using a program that converts mac programs to windows programs. It would need the source code to port a program. Source code for programs are not easy to obtain, very rarely does a high profile program have its code leaked because the security is so high, the last I remember was Half Life 2, which was downloaded from Valve because of a virus they got, the guy didnt even get all the material before they cut the connection to the internet.

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