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  1. Xosx86

    Snow Leopard Not Working...

    Thanks for the help
  2. Xosx86

    Snow Leopard Not Working...

    How do I know what to edit? Is there a good guide to install SL on my gma950 / Intel core solo? I am not a total noob but do need a bit of help I am running kalyway 10.5.4 right now. Thanks!
  3. Xosx86

    Snow Leopard Not Working...

    Thanks for the infoZ! I have the tool to patch my DSDT but get permission denied for some reason. Yes I enter the correct password. I saw there is somthing new out for chameleon where you don't need to hack DSDT..... is that correct??? If so how do I use that as it may be easier ? Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. Xosx86

    Snow Leopard Not Working...

    Glad to see you got it working I am really hoping you can help me get mine working as we have all most the same hardware. My specs: GMA 950 Intel core solo SSE3 I was away from the hackintosh sites for a while and I am a bit behind to say the least. Could you please tell me how you got SL to work... PLEASE I would be VERY grateful to you. The part I am really lost on is DSDT. Would you mind sharing yours??? That would be a big help, thanks in advance!
  5. Hope it works on gma950 laptop. please report success or not
  6. usenet is your friend! Also BStones has great DL speeds!
  7. **Please make sure to repair your permissions after install and every time you add/remove/edit/alter a kext or for the most part anything. I know when I first installed Leopard there are of bunch or permissions that need to be fixed! Wish I could help but with all the people having issue with there gma950 I think I am going to wait to install SL. Anyway have yet to be able to boot SL on my 8GB flash drive. Seems more people are having issue with SL than leopard or tiger, makes me wish I had a macbook. Any idea when someone is going to release a pre-patched install ???
  8. okay, I just need it to boot SL that I have on my other flash drive..... will it boot a flash drive? EDIT: I don't have a working DVD drive or windows installed ;(
  9. @noone9 just want to say it's great of you to help everyone out. I'm sure everyone really appreciates it How can I use this if I need to use a flash drive and not a cd??? ( my optical drive not working) I have SL restored to a 8GB flash drive ( just need to get it to boot ) Also have a 1GB flash for any other file I may need..... Thanks in advance Vaio laptop gma950 intel core solo
  10. Already had it installed, great tool to get a fresh OS X w/o reinstalling, anyone know something like this for a normal mac? Here is the infoZ: What do you think? gma950 intel core solo
  11. I am running XxX 10.5.4 leopard install right now. After install everything was just fine, no need to fix anything as far as the gma950 goes. I think it may be because I have a core solo and not a dual core cpu, because most others with C2D and such have more problems than I did, not sure I think I had to replace the AppleSMBIOS.kext to get the keyboard working.... I have included My______XxX_10.5.4_kexts_.zip the AppleSMBIOS.kext and my AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext which is a little different than the one from Jas's version.
  12. Xosx86

    Snow Leopard Upgrade Disk?

    I think he removed the PPC code to get the image to fit on a SL dvd. AS far as how to, I would just wait for a OSX86 image to be made or just get your self a 8GB flash drive and boot and install from it. NO MORE DVD'S FOR ME!
  13. Stupid question, I have gma950 on my laptop, this driver/kext is already in the Snow Leopard install? So no need to load them, correct? **** Also what other kexts should I need? **** Do I need to put the ntekas boot file and other files on a seprate flah drive if I am booting/installing from a 8GB flash drive? intel gma 950 intel core solo (32bit) vaio laptop Please help if you can Thanks in advance
  14. Thanks , will give it a go. I'm new to chameleon, netkas boot file ect. Need to read up on them, will let you know WHEN not if I need more help LOL
  15. but how do I get the external hard drive to boot after I restore? have never been able to get an external HD to show up when I F9 after restart. I am running leo 10.4 on my hackintosh