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  1. Been out of the scene for a while, but decided to upgrade to Snow Leopard with the new iAtkos DVD. Everything went perfectly the first time. Sound, shutdown, sleep, graphics... all perfect for the first time. But... My iphone or ipod touch won't be recognized at all. Not by itunes, or even system profiler. Yet, my 2nd gen ipod nano is recognized... oddly enough when I plugged the nano in I got a message saying it was only USB 1.1. Is that the problem? Did i pick the wrong USB kext?
  2. I'll assume that you don't need any more 2.0 testers, but If you do may I have a copy of the beta boot-123 guide to play around with tonight? Thanks and nice work.
  3. DavidJavid

    TV Links Is Back

    Add these to ABP: http://tv-links.ca/my/* http://vip.tv-video.net/* No more ads.
  4. Can't wait for the JaS release... 10.4.8 was and is the best release ever. I hope the problems he was having with the beta testers are resolved. Thanks for the update updates, keep up the OSx86 news!
  5. Whoo, OSx86 news! Gonna try this on my new C2D rig. I'm really not gonna miss struggling to do anything with my AMD. I'm pretty sure i can use a vanilla kernel, so let the updating begin. Great news post... keep it up so I (and hopefully more) will read the front page more often.
  6. DavidJavid

    OSx86 News?

    Is this currently being debated in the staff forum? I agree with erei33 100%. Two new Leopard releases are about to be released, and JaS came back. These really should be on the front page. We have other places to get the news that is currently there. I'm gonna guess that many people don't pay too much attention to it anymore. Could someone who doesn't want OSx86 news tell us why or how it would hurt? +1 for erei33 on news team +1 for more OSx86 news Give us an update on this staff!
  7. DavidJavid

    Worst Thing about Macs

    {censored} engineering? Lets see you do better. They under-estimated the heat problems, and seemingly didn't long-term test. Doesn't mean it's {censored}. Boring locked in products? Apple really has the most locked in products ever! The iPod/iTunes system is pretty locked down. The iPhone is very locked down. Even the OS itself. Show me a Microsoft product locked down more than those? You were also acting like a "bad" mac user over here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=88723
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    Office 2008 to ship January 15th

  9. DavidJavid

    Office 2008 to ship January 15th

    It's only the Home and Student version on bs so far. I'm gonna wait for the Media edition.
  10. It's there, really. Ctrl and scroll. The middle of some LCD monitors (no idea about CRT) aren't able to see it. Here is the picture with the contrast lowered a little bit.
  11. DavidJavid

    b0 error on GIUD

    I get this for my natively running GUID leopard install. I'm probably gonna make a post about it in another forum section.
  12. DavidJavid

    MBR to GUID, 10.5.1 (2 Questions)

    Thanks for the replies, I now know what to do on that front. Anyone know anything about me updating to 10.5.1?
  13. DavidJavid

    Transmission 1.0 Released

    Whenever I'm in the UI for more than a few seconds, it gets very slow, and then freezes. It shut down great for me in 1.0 beta 2, but then after that version it froze my whole system every time. Then when I force quit, it refused to leave my dock. The .8x versions really acted the best for me. Now I'm running tinyxp in vmware with utorrent in unity. Much easier than using transmission, and the speeds are much better.
  14. Question #1: When I installed PCEFI I used the MBR method, cause at the time I didn't know the benefits of GUID. What's the fastest and easiest way to switch? Question #2: I used Prawker's AMD method to make my DVD, which uses the Toh kernel. Since I'm using PCEFI, can I just install 10.5.1 from software update, get the newest Toh kernel, and then use Marvin's AMD utility? If not, what steps do I need to take? Thanks for any help in advance.
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    It is pretty weird. I'm gonna keep trying different version combinations. If anyone has some more advice...please post.