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Install Issues. OS Almost loads!


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I've been trying for a few days now, with different versions and last night I finally got to the point where

the OS loads partially. I see the grey screen with the apple, and the little spinning thing below it. It spins

for about 30 seconds then just stops. I waited about 30 minutes before reinstalling it again. Now however

I get install errors, and whatnot, but I'm not so concerned with those.




ATI Radeon Mobility 9000

Pentium 2.8ghz with SSE2

40gig HD


512 Megs DDR


It's a zv5120 HP Pavilion notebook. No Dual boot.


Anyone have some suggestions, idea's, anything?


Going to try 10.4.7 next, was using 10.4.8 but I read that someone with almost exact matching specs to mine got it working with 10.4.7.

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Boot in verbose mode to see what the error is before you try more disks


I was trying to figure out how to do that, figured it was simular to Linux. How exactly is it done?


I was thinking it was my video card, but I'm kind of doubting that now. Any suggestions on what

drivers etc I should be picking?

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Alright well I tried reinstalling again tonight, and the same thing happened. However I

booted with -v this time. I believe it's my video card, as I can press buttuns, click

etc and I see HD activity when I do so. So perhaps it's loaded, but i just don't see it?


Anyway here is a picture of the error(S):





What is not shown on the second to the last line is:


Contents/macos/loginwindow: Login Window Application Started


Sorry I couldn't get it all in without it being blurry.


Any ideas?

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