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  1. Install Issues. OS Almost loads!

    Boot in verbose mode to see what the error is before you try more disks
  2. Here's an idea for distributing 9A466

    Heres an idea : Stop making useless threads that are going to be locked anyways.
  3. adium

    Adium is a great program! @AllOutMacsToday : Dont be such a {censored}. 90% of your posts i see are you being a {censored}. I remember a topic where you made a total ass out of yourself by not reading. Oh wait if you don't remember and dont know how to use the search function which obvisouly you don't I went and found it for you : http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...=41927&st=0 .
  4. Any1 have the PPC build ? Thanks
  5. I made the guide because nowhere does it say how to get x1300's working. This is how I got it working so thats what I wrote ;-)
  6. This is step by step. 1. Install OSX 10.4.7 Using Jas DVD only patch selected 10.4.7 Update and SSE2 2. Goto the beta irc and get JAS 10.4.8 SSE2 Update w/ New 10.4.8 Kernel 3. GO back to the room and download the new Exp 6 Kernel and Rename it test6 4. Drop the renamed kernel into your root directory 5. Download and install Natit_Uni_1.0.pkg 6. Reboot with f8 and at prompt type test6 -v 7. You should boot to gui and have qe/ci ! and iTunes7 8. If everything went good rename test6 to mach_kernel and enjoy Not the best guide but simple! Enjoy
  7. Try reading some posts or at the least post more specs!!!
  8. 8.8.1 kernel on AMD SSE2

    You took the time to write this but didnt take the time to read ?
  9. Will it ever work with only SSE?

    buy a new cpu and motherboard instead of wasting peoples time and forum space!
  10. Atmosphere

    Awesome find I love it
  11. leopard on a pc?

    Open your eyes and read or use the search function!!
  12. Your dumb STFU if your not going to help. Directions : Goto /System/Library/CoreServices/ Double Click on SystemVersion.plist Click on the arrow looking thing next to root Change Product Build Version to : 8J2135a Change ProductUserVisibleVersion to 10.4.7 Change ProductVersion to 10.4.7 Bame Shapeshifter works with no errors. Enjoy themes again.
  13. You can also change you OS version to 10.4.7 plus the build # and shapeshifter works again.
  14. ShapeShifter Beta 2.4b1 is out!

    Works Great 10.4.7 JAS