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Leopard beta hunt


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OK, there's an IRC chat channel set up by the LeopardTorrentTeam for those looking for a status update on The WWDC07 Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard feature-complete Beta (build number 9A466) "in the wild". Here are the details:


IRC Network: Edited for

IRC Server: Helping People

IRC Channel: #aquireillegalfiles


You can check the status of our search simply by joining that chat channel. The subject message will list any progress.


If you're new to IRC:

  1. Download Colloquy from VersionTracker.
  2. Go to File-->New Connection (command+N).
  3. Enter edit'd in the Chat Server field and click the Connect button.
  4. In the Connections window, click the Join Room button.
  5. Enter #edit'd in the Chat Room field and click the Join button.

The status is listed at the top of the chat area just below the toolbar. Type messages in the field at the bottom of the window to send a message to the group. Click the expand triangle on the left side of the chat room icon in the sidebar to view or hide the list of members and double-click someone's name to chat privately with someone. Switch between private chats and group chats by clicking the icons in the sidebar.

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