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  1. Neo0019

    How to stop Time Machine

    It depends on how much data you have in your HD, it could vary from 2.5m up to 1G and so on.
  2. Neo0019

    Leopard not running in 64-bit?

    Interesting is there any other method for you to test it I'll like to see your results.
  3. Neo0019

    Wont install on MacbookPRo

    also try to used an external FW drive if available, if not I'll suggest format your iPod, than restored it using the "New Big cat" disk image and see if it works like that.
  4. Neo0019

    Tiger won't mount the leopard disk image

    Ouch that hurts you got a corrup image, delete it and just wait it should be there with in the next couple of days,
  5. Neo0019

    Leopard BETA as main OS

    Yes I already did it, I back what ever I need up, and i'm running it as my main OS on both of my macs.....sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Neo0019

    9A466 Mail is breaking

    You guys need to reinstall OS 10.5
  7. Neo0019

    I came, I saw... I'm probably going back to Tiger

    Due stop hating Leopard is great, i'm running it as the main OS on both of my boxes, and for an imcomplete OS is pretty good.
  8. Neo0019

    What could be my problem (installing leopard)

    I'm having the same problem but with the previous Leopard Build 9a410 I couldn't install it on my MBP and I try everything. I'm almost done Getting this build I hope" I don't get the same results....
  9. Neo0019

    its on the bay

    Actually no, it will corrupt the File he is going to DL again
  10. Neo0019

    My review of 10.5 Leopard

    good job I should have it soon.
  11. Neo0019

    Leopard Build 9a410

    Ok I'll give it a shot. Thanks
  12. Neo0019

    Leopard Build 9a410

    how with superduper? is that what you mean.
  13. Neo0019

    Not even screenshots - Geez!

    wow guys take it easy.
  14. Neo0019

    Leopard Build 9a410

    Probably, I dont know I'll just leave it alone and wait for the new Build to hit the net if it ever does.
  15. Neo0019

    Not even screenshots - Geez!

    Now this thread got a bit pointless.