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Leopard Server stability

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Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has used a recent build of Leopard Server extensively? I recently purchased a ADC Select account and got the Leopard Early start program. I saw under the downloads that there is Leopard Server available, but the serial number file states that it will expire at the end of June. I was curious if the current builds of it are pretty stable and if there are any cool features in it :).


Actually, now that I think about, perhaps Apple will seed the WWDC or next build to developers soon since the serial expires in a couple of days :P. That would be pretty cool. I hope because I would love to test the new features of both client and server and help submit bugs.


"To install Mac OS X Server v10.5 Developer Previews for Developer Testing needs use this serial number.


This serial number is valid until June 29, 2007."

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