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    I like Macs, Mac OS X, and other stuff. Want to learn more? Well I dont want to say anything here.<br /><br />iMac G5 2Ghz<br />iBook G3 300Mhz<br /><br />Mac OS 9.2.2<br />Mac OS X 10.3.9<br />Mac OS X 10.4.8
  1. BlackShadowWolf


    Honestly this is just retarded, once again companies have to sink to a new low. i wonder if they are donating part of the sales to the RIAA and MPAA. I bet if you can dump your media files into a rar or zip file then transfer them with no problem. Can save space with compression to .
  2. BlackShadowWolf

    With SP1, Vista Gains New Functionality

    I just want to see them fix the problem with activation that when i try to activate Vista on the same machine after reinstalling it, it says the product key is in use. I thought activation was based on machine :-/. Thats why I gave up with genuine, except for my desktop which has a a legit key that I got from the university student software program. Even when you try to be good, they still hate you. I still think its stupid that they have so many versions out. I honestly hope with Windows 7 they go back to 2 versions as it is so much easier to pick the one for my needs, and hopefully stick in 2 disks in the box (1 32-bit, 1 64-bit) instead of getting just 32-bit and having to order extra disks for 64-bit.
  3. BlackShadowWolf

    Just Who Will Replace Steve Jobs?

    I think its all a lie, heres the real plot Al Gore replaces Steve Jobs after Jobs 'dies' >.> Gore pushes Apple to invent living head in jar technology. They put Job's head in a jar. Job's head is CEO forever.
  4. BlackShadowWolf

    A Thanksgiving Freeze

    just got back from the Apple Store, they replaced my battery for free as it was under warranty and they said it was probably a defective battery chip . Score 1 for hopefully it wasn't Leopard that screwed things up.
  5. BlackShadowWolf

    A Thanksgiving Freeze

    My Macbook Pro's battery is acting funky. I let it drain once to give it a full cycle, but when it started charging, it got to around 80% and started flashing Charged/not Charging continuously, i let it charge all night, but it never finished and was halted at 99%. I ran off the battery and said it had about 2 hours left :-/. Not to mention the whole system shut off at around 21%. Im running 10.5.1, so Im assuming something is up with Leopard as it was working fine before.
  6. BlackShadowWolf

    What does this symbol mean?

    It means the type of view mode you are in, whether the icons are set to align in a grid or not . Easily changed in view options.
  7. BlackShadowWolf

    New Zunes Soon?

    anything with the term "Clever...Its so last week" in the about screen wins my vote Free Zunes for everyone!* *Offer not valid on Planet Earth or anywhere else*
  8. BlackShadowWolf

    The Excuse Generator

    "Spank my squishy monkey" o.o That gave me a laugh
  9. BlackShadowWolf

    a little birdie tweets - 9A559

    I can confirm that its on ADC. Im not gonna break NDA or anything like that so dont bother PMing me for anything, sorry. File size is 6.5GB and was posted today, hopefully it will work on my Macbook Pro :censored2:.
  10. This is my first how-to, so bare with me. Im not sure if this is posted elsewhere, but Im doing it anyway . Step 1: Grab the Macintosh Drivers folder. It has all the drivers, installers etc. Step 2: If your trying to install it on a system other than XP Service Pack 2, it will complain saying it won't work. Well that one stop us for long. Navigate to http://www.jsware.net/jsware/msicode.php3 and scroll down Mbase-MSI Database editor and download the zip file to your desktop. Step3:Extract the folder and open MBase Editor.hta you can read the info sheet if you want, i didn't find anything too fascinating with it. Step 4: File-> Open database(MSI) and select Bootcamp.msi, its under Drivers/Apple of the drivers folder. Step 5: On the left side of the window, there is a drop down list called Tables: select LaunchConditions Step 6: when the table loads, you see the values that Apple has (either NT501 or NT600) standing for the various conditions it requires. Go to Edit>Delete table Step 7: confirm the table was deleted as it will go to the next table on the list. You can reload the msi file to verify that you deleted the right one, if you screwed up, you can always just grab the msi file from the Boot Camp disk image. Step 8: double click BootCamp.msi on your mac and it will install normally . Works on Windows Server 2003 SP2 Your done, I'll upload a screenshot in a little bit, I screwed up my keyboard I think as I didnt properly uninstall Input Remapper beforehand. EDIT: Some drivers may not install automatically. Check device manager and use the manual installs provided by Apple, located in the drivers folder. I couldn't get Bluetooth to install, windows says it doesnt have a required section in the INF.
  11. BlackShadowWolf

    Steve jobs' grave ;__;

    awesome, i want a grave like that, wait im not dead yet, or am I? >_> o_o
  12. BlackShadowWolf

    Forum Update 21/8/07

    eeek X.=.x I come back after a few weeks and all hell has broken loose. Attempting to read a bunch of different threads with conflicting stories made my head hurt . Thanks for clearing things up Tim . Now if everyone can age about 20 years, I think we'll all be mature enough to keep posting . BTW totally late, but welcome back bofors, hope everythings going alright.
  13. BlackShadowWolf

    Apple Releases iTunes 7.3.2

    Yeah it screwed my Windows system up. Now whenever I open iTunes, it says there are Windows System components missing and it may not be able to launch, connect to an iPod etc. So I just erased it and put back on 7.3.1
  14. BlackShadowWolf

    How to backup Windows Vista partition?

    I use Net Restore http://www.bombich.com/software/netrestore.html If you follow the instructions right, it can make a disk image with a .ntfs extension that has your entire Vista filesystem on it. Whats nice as you can set it to only clone data so its only about the size of how much space youve used up. It also comes with a good restore app thats pretty easy. Try it, its freeware I'll write a how-to in a few days on the steps I use, I need to make a new image anyway .
  15. BlackShadowWolf

    How would you score?

    Heres mine Neo-Pagan (100%) 2. Unitarian Universalism (94%) 3. New Age (84%) 4. Mahayana Buddhism (83%) 5. Theravada Buddhism (82%) 6. Liberal Quakers (71%) 7. Secular Humanism (68%) 8. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (64%) 9. New Thought (64%) 10. Hinduism (62%) 11. Jainism (60%) 12. Reform Judaism (60%) 13. Scientology (56%) 14. Taoism (53%) 15. Sikhism (47%) 16. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (44%) 17. Orthodox Quaker (43%) 18. Nontheist (41%) 19. Bahá'í Faith (38%) 20. Orthodox Judaism (31%) 21. Islam (21%) 22. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (21%) 23. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (20%) 24. Seventh Day Adventist (18%) 25. Eastern Orthodox (13%) 26. Roman Catholic (13%) 27. Jehovah's Witness (10%) Not bad, pretty well on as I feel strongly that I am an otherkin.