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  1. yeah, looking forward to those screenshots
  2. yeah, it's looking like it could be awhile before we see it.
  3. ok, so what i want to do is make some sort of script, either applescript or shell script, that will do the following: take out from a command in the terminal put that output into a text file already on my computer. the only thing is that i need to put the output in the file kinda weird: i need to take it and put each character of output on a new line, but not create new lines example: take output of command 'uptime' (up 32 days, 23:09) place in file 'myFile' output: ... key u key p key space key 3 key 2 key space key d ... anyone have any idea on how to do this? thanks in advance
  4. twoodcc

    2 Days/7 Hours/54 Minutes

    still over 2 days here
  5. twoodcc

    9A581 still buggy...

    hmmm that's strange. yeah hopefully they fix that soon
  6. i'll check it out when i get home
  7. dang, so many people have it already. i feel left out
  8. twoodcc

    Leopard's Popularity

    that's good the Leopard is so popular.
  9. dang, that stinks for them.
  10. twoodcc

    Server version on iMac 2GHz / 1GB RAM

    they aren't that much different, but server can get complicated
  11. twoodcc


    glad to hear good reports (for the most part)
  12. twoodcc

    Leopard Nearly Finalized

    people will complain if there's bugs, and people will complain if it's delayed. i'm sure Apple will do the right thing
  13. twoodcc

    Core animation demo in Leopard

    yeah me too
  14. twoodcc

    9a466 Server on Macbook CD

    well can you help me get mine setup then? i can get the advanced to work (kinda), but i can't get the standard to setup. (can't login or anything) here's the thing. i only have wireless internet. i can't plug directly up to the router, and it wants an IP address to setup (i think). i tried to trick it by plugging in an ethernet cord to another router (without internet), and it seemed to trick it at first, but then it still doesn't work. (or i can't get it to) any ideas? is there a way to change it from the advanced to standard?
  15. twoodcc

    9a466 as main OS

    i'm using it as my main OS on my macbook pro. haven't put it on my mac pro yet (trying to get server working on it)