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Belkin F5d7050 Version 3002 USB Wireless

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Looking for way to make this work with either 10.4.8 or 10.4.9

Lots of discussion of this USB Wireless, but with all the different version numbers and a lot of dead links it is hard to get the accurate info sorted out. If anyone knows how to make this work, I would be eternally gratefull.

My mother visisted the other day and was impressed with OSX on my hack. I've gotten her laptop converted now, except for this card. If I can get it all working I won't have to provide Windows Tech support anymore :wacko:



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that card should be supported i think u just have to goto the belkin website get the osx drivers i have a F5d9050 usb wifi card and thats pretty much what i did...although it doesnt show up as a airport card, its just some built in ethernet and use the software it comes with viola worked for me




on the usb thing should say ver. etc..download the appropriate driver

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Had the same problem as you, found this link worked well.




Any questions, I could try and help.



I got my Belkin F5d7050 v.3.xxx to work with the RT157 file found here. Go to applications and hit the wake RalinkUI and then hit the application to launch the utility.



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