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  1. jubjubrsx

    gateway m-7315

    picked up this pretty beastly lappy from walmart of all places lol... anywho has anyone tried this laptop with any of the osx versions out there? i tried kalyway 10.5.2 most things in the sys profiler showed up although some strange things wireless didnt show up wired didnt show up - although its a yukon card video - seemed to work sound seemed to work webcam showed up. with out wireless a laptop is pretty useless its a atheros AR5b91 a/b/g/n card. also i thought it was interesting that it showed both cores of the processor but under number of cores it said 0? goofy huh? so does anyone have any experience with either of these the laptop model, wireless?
  2. the new IOPCIFamily is sooo much nicer my laptop after another clean load seems to run 1000x better thanks again chun-nan
  3. im actually installing iaktos 2i right now i think it is 10.5.2...i have tried to install kalyway and ToH but i always get a kernel panic fromt he broadcom on the install, im hoping this will work because i really hate pulling the wifi card out all the time to install it (yes i tried disabling it in the bios to) can i get this strait when i replace the IOPCIFAMILY.kext should i just replace and utils/check perms??? --edit tried this and kernel panic next boot up or should i follow these instructions (replace viarhine with IOPCIFamily.kext) Copy the ViaRhine.kext to /System/Library/Extensions. * Open Terminal and write "sudo chmod -R 755 /System/LibraryExtensions/ViaRhine.kext" without the quotes * Enter your admin password * Write "sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/ViaRhine.kext" * Write "sudo rm -R /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache" * Write "sudo rm -R /System/Library/Extensions.mkext" * Reboot --edit did this and system seems a little slow but i got a baseball diamond saying to turn it on but wont turn on first reboot it did turn the light on the switch, but hung on boot powered off and rebooted light wont turn on, but does show wireless card type: thirdparty wireless card DUDE!!!!! after the bcm enabler (prob because i have a dell wifi card) it works omg chun-nam dude you are like my hero!!!....i love you man!! any idea's on the system seeming sluggish though have 1.5gb of ram the standard 1.5celeron chip i think it is......on second thought reading this over im running iaktos 2i and its real sluggish to, maybe its the iaktos build imma try my kalyway load see if iaktos could be the problem
  4. holey snap!!! maybe i tried the wrong version or something i will definately give it a shot tonite ...celio did you try any special version? i have problems installing the kalyway verion....it causes a kernel panic i just have to remove the card during the install..... im so stoked!!!!
  5. hey i would loveeee to get this stupid problem fixed..... i will put in my 2cents here. i've tried teh dell 1390 and sprom hack with no avail. trying to load the osx 10.5.2 aiktos, kalaway, i would get a kernel panic right off the bat from the dell 1390 card and it would crash...remove the card and install, could install. the strange thing was the Toh distro woudlnt crash with the card in there, yet it showed it but never could enable it. not sure if this was just a bug or not. did a DCPI(sp?) probe *util to show all hardware in the computer* that program would show the wifi card was there but was like in a constant off state for what ever reason. as well it would show the intel 80211 mini-pcibus i think it said...shrug...
  6. jubjubrsx

    [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    chun-nan i have tried that ioPCIfamily.kext before and that didnt seem to help me on my c500 at all. (did a search for your kext and found the thread about it) its something strange with like the pci-e bus not getting powered on. because i did try the dell 1390/sprom hack and that didnt fix it either. but it would work in ubuntu/vista(barf!) so i've kind of given up on this
  7. jubjubrsx

    [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    if your getting the unsupported error then you have to flash the sprom use these instructions http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=75242 on a side note in my C555nr i put in a dell 1390 pci-e card.....didnt make a lick of difference still had the same problem....in the end i think its really a pci-express port/bus problem keeping it in constant sleep mode/power saving mode......to bad cause everything else works great other then the damn wifi card
  8. jubjubrsx

    [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    anyone else got some input...
  9. jubjubrsx

    [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    ^^ i've tried the chan-nun patch with the -f flag still didnt work. as stated before i found it absolutely baffling it could see it through dcpi manager....but couldnt use it.... i did notice that even with the 1390 in ubuntu i still had the same problem with it showing up but not working properly even though its a natively supported card...go figure but it looks like you went through alot of the same stuff i did before i just gave up and decided its probably time for a new lappy anywho lol
  10. jubjubrsx

    [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    i have a C555nr laptop and did the dell1390 wifi card with sprom hack, and sorry to say bud its not a wireless card problem. its a pci-express issue. so dont waste your money on a new wifi card. all in allthough hacking the sprom isnt all that hard there is a writeup on these forums about how to do it. i think alot of us with problems can only wait for snow leopard to come out and hopefully it work then on a side note i wouldnt be complaining about HP not allowing anything other then HP products. when your trying to load a operating system that is by far more notorious about only allowing apple hardware in their computers. ha!
  11. jubjubrsx

    Questions for a Guru

    The problem is with the c500 pci-express port i picked up a supported dell 1390 card flashed the sprom so i wouldnt get the unsupported error message....card works in windows just fine..... the problem is the card is detected in OSX DCPIManager i think it is shows the card, yet wont turn it on. i never messed with drivers maybe the b43-fwcutter for linux has some sort of kickstart that is needed to power up the card
  12. jubjubrsx

    [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    hum the C502 does have a mini pci-e card im assuming but you got the 1490 card right?.......what did you do so differently then i did booger? baffles the stink out of me, can you post a readout of your sprom? also booger did you tape any pins or anything of that nature down on your pci card
  13. jubjubrsx

    [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    booger what model lappy are you using? well the dell 1390 works natively in vista no drivers required...should of known something is up when most of the 10.5.2's wouldnt load only the iaktos one would...all causing kernel panics from the broadcom, atleast with the c500 maybe c300's its a pci express issue not a card issue apple hacker....to be honest reason i have tried so hard is i cant justify spending 2k on a lappy with not much better spec's then our 400$ i mean thats just outrageous they can price gouge that much.......there is a thread on here most compat laptops i thought i read the dell vostro's 1400's are very compat totally offtopic just seems lately hard to believe proprietary software is making a huge come back...apple's and blue rays.....who would of thought, didnt we learn with betamax lol
  14. jubjubrsx

    [Development]-Broadcom 4311 Fix

    ^^^^that sounds like that is a pretty good assumption applehacker..../sad good excuse for a newer/faster lappytop lol
  15. jubjubrsx

    Presario C500 PCIe port?

    the depressing part of all of this is in DPCIManager it shows the card! FOO@$#$#