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  1. AOI Photo

    NVidia GeForce 8500 GT

    I tried that and still cannot get dvi out
  2. For Christmas I built my parents a Hackintosh. Now they want to go wireless. They haveacess to two wireless cards. A Dynex DX-WGDTC or an Airlink101 AWLH4130 These are relatively computer literate people, but totaslly new to this world. I am told both of these cards are Atheros Chipsets. Does anyone have clear step by step instructions for getting Leopard to recognize these. My Father said if he puts either one in AIrport shows, but cannot be turned on. I]m pretty sure if I can forward them instructions (They live 300 miles away) they can do it. Thanks
  3. AOI Photo

    OS 9.2 Where to get it

    Yeah guess it is 9.1 I need. Irritatingly I have 9.0.4 (9.1 is required) I have the upgrades to 9.1 and 9.2 I just can't install anything till I get 9.1 or 9.2 I found a 9.1 torrent, getting 1kps right now, estimated time of about a week Guess I'll keep hunting. I have a friend with a decent newsserver account. I'll ask him to keep an eye out too. Thanks
  4. AOI Photo

    OS 9.2 Where to get it

    I'll have to try the newsgroups, wow haven't used usenet in years. Apparently you have to use 9.2 for these imacs. I found an earlier version I found 9.2 on the green demon, but i'm not a member. Everywhere else I found it there are 0 seeders. Well maybe it's off to usenet I go.
  5. AOI Photo

    OS 9.2 Where to get it

    Anyone have any way of getting this so I can install on and get working three old G3 Imacs. I bought them and got home to find my os9 disc is unreadable. Does anyone know of any way to get ahold of 9.2 ? I just need it so I can then install the firmware update, and osX. If anyone has either a link, or knows any other way. I would be eternally grateful, more importantly so would my four year old son who Is expecting his computer to be working. Please, Pretty please, pretty pretty please.
  6. 3 Imac g3 500mhz I just bought them with spanking clean hard drives...... then found out my os9 disc doesn't seem to work. Since these need at least 9.2 to run... I now have three very attractive paperweights 2 Indigo, 1 snow
  7. Looking for way to make this work with either 10.4.8 or 10.4.9 Lots of discussion of this USB Wireless, but with all the different version numbers and a lot of dead links it is hard to get the accurate info sorted out. If anyone knows how to make this work, I would be eternally gratefull. My mother visisted the other day and was impressed with OSX on my hack. I've gotten her laptop converted now, except for this card. If I can get it all working I won't have to provide Windows Tech support anymore thanks
  8. AOI Photo

    AMD Help

    With my attempts on 2 different MOBO's using those bridges I found I could install most any DVD AFTER I reflashed my Bios with the latest version. If you have problems, I would make that my next step.
  9. AOI Photo

    Adobe Creative Suite 3

    Could someone pm me with a link to the cr*ck for the release version? I can't find it. I don't have an invite to the green demon, and am having difficulty finding anything but the prerelease crack. Thanks
  10. Well I have my hackintosh up and running, Everything works (and I mean everything, booting from SATA, Sound, Video (although not quite where I want it yet),. now if I could just get this wireless card to work..... I'd be done. Is there any way to get it working? If not, I suppose the cost of a network card is pretty cheap compared to buying a mac. I should probably add the chipset TI ACX111
  11. AOI Photo

    Help installing on this hardware.

    Well on 10.4.8 I recieve the following as the last couple of lines displayed on my install attempt AppleVIAATADriver" VIA 8237 (cmd ox170, CTR ox377, Irq15 8m oxfo o8) Still waiting for root device. I am trying to install on an ECS K8m890m-m (VIA K8m890-ce Chipset) AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Brisbane 1 gig ram. I went into my Bios and turned off almost everything the options in setup (after I have changed them) read as follows Onboard Floppy Control: Disabled Serial port 1 address: Disabled Onboard IR Port: Disabled Parallel Port Address: Disabled Onboard PCI IDE Controller: Both Onboad SATA-IDE : Disabled Audio Device: Disabled Modem Device; Disabled Ethernet Device: Disabled Onboard Lan Boot room : Disabled Onboard USB Function: Disabled USB function for Dos: Disabled Anyone have any idea what I can do to get this installed. As mentioned above I'm not looking for Dual boot. I have plenty of Vista machines.
  12. I"m getting increasingly frustrated at my inability to installl osx. It makes me realize how long it has been since I installed tricky programs, and used the ocmmand line regularly... my how things do change. The Hardware I am using is... AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 4400+ on a K8m890m-m Motherboard 1 gig ram I am having no luck with either of the ISO's I have tried. I have tried two ISO's. The Iso's are titled OSX_1048_AMD Mac-OS-X-10.4.7-AMD.Intel-(JaS)-ISO-Repack on 10.4.7 I get a grey screen telling me to turn poer off and on. No matter how many times I reboot I get this message. Disabling onboard USB doesn't change anything. (that was already suggested to me) on 10.4.8 I don't get that far. I can't even get to the grey screen . The last thing I get is AppleVIAATADriver : Via 8237 (cmd ox870, ctr ox374, IRQ15, 8M 0xfc08) followed by a still waiting message Any ideas? Right now I don't need Wireless or dual boot or anything, just to get it basically working. Any help is much appreciated. I am trying to install OsX only. I have four other Vista machines and don't need dual boot capability.