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need masive help

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Hi all

Have just installed os x 10.4.8 on my Dell C840 following the HOWTO: Mac OSX + Dell Latitude C840 - Part 2.

Have completed part 1 and am on part 2 i need to move the








to the kext_store directory it discribes but cant as it says thatmy file sytem is set to read only . how do i change this ? , any ideas?


Thanks Andy

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Are you sure you followed the directions? By what you said, it seems like you skipped the instructions that tell you to do:


fsck -fy

mount -uw /


The first command checks your drive for errors; the second one mounts it read-write. That's important. Don't forget the space between "-uw" and "/".

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thanks for that it took me awhile but i think i was just reading it wrong , sorry to waste your time , just new to it all. Thanks for replying .

i'm up and running now , justing installing what ever drivers i can find for a dell c840


thanks again



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I believe you have to log in as a super user before you can move read-only files.

There's an easier way of doing this.

Just get the file's info and change the ownership from 'system' to 'your username' (bottom part of info), and you'll have the full control over the file.

That way you can edit files you're not supposed to edit :)


Important!! Don't restart before you've changed it back to 'system' or repaired premissions!!

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