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  1. zarac

    Clover Third-Party Tools

    The developer replied to my message on his website stating it will be fixed in the next update. My guess is it has something to do with an outdated OS version I am using on this PC.
  2. zarac

    Clover General discussion

    I am having a strange issue with the latest update of Clover Configurator ( The program window is misaligned (see screenshots) and I can't see the top 1/8th of it. The bottom of the window has a grey bar the exact size missing from the top. Never had such a problem before. I hope it's fixable. The computer in question still runs 10.10.5 Yosemite - it is an old machine (z77x-ud3h / i5-3570k / 970 gtx) for converting my huge collection of FCP7 backup projects.
  3. Well, doh. I guess I forgot about that tiny little chipset detail. Wishful thinking....
  4. Well, having in mind that the CPU comes on a daughterboard, it should be possible to replace it (the daughterboard) with a new one that has the new socket type. Now, that would be crazy.
  5. I'm not sure that's the case. In the teardown discussion, a guy from OWC answered this question:
  6. Hear, hear! It seems not only the GPUs are socketed, but the CPUs are upgradeable as well: http://www.tapscape.com/new-mac-pro-upgradeable/ EDIT: here's OWC teardown with more pics
  7. Yep, but nMP is something Apple has never had: a price-competitive powerhouse. It is funny that they still have large markups (40-50%) on CPUs and RAM (and most likely storage as well), yet managed to put a decently priced machine on the market. FirePros are absurdly expensive in retail. My guess is that AMD has sold precisely 7 of those $3400 W9000s so far. Most likely Apple has cut a great deal with AMD making both companies very happy. This way Apple can sort-of conceal those huge markups on other components. Win-win.
  8. My point exactly - they were milking their customers. Valid point, but only for current MP users with PCI expansions who need TB-PCI converters. New users who need those expansions will buy Thunderbolt variants just as before they bought PCI ones.
  9. 1. Overpriced - not true: Please feel free to add up the retail prices of nMP (or very similar) internals: GPU: AMD FirePro W9000 (similar to D700) is $3400 EACH - http://goo.gl/luVof AMD FirePro W8000 (similar to D500) is $1400 EACH - http://goo.gl/qpsPXH AMD FirePro W7000 (similar to D300) is $700 EACH - http://goo.gl/dXuomn CPUs: 12-core 2.7 GHz Xeon E5-2697 v2 is $2750 - http://goo.gl/UIYIhI 8-core 3.0 GHz Xeon E5-1680 v2 is $1973 - http://goo.gl/9r4Zog 6-core 3.5 GHz Xeon E5-1650 v2 is $658 - http://goo.gl/G1ekLK 4-core 3.7 GHz Xeon E5-1620 v2 is $332 - http://goo.gl/kwKNcc storage: 960GB PCIe flash drive (somewhat slower than MacPro’s) is $999 – http://goo.gl/6aG8P0 480GB PCIe flash drive (somewhat slower than MacPro’s) is $540 – http://goo.gl/y4Kazl 240GB PCIe flash drive (somewhat slower than MacPro’s) is $327 – http://goo.gl/C9BUa6 memory: 64GB RAM (same specs) is $895 – http://goo.gl/lXuipv 32GB RAM (same specs) is $450 – http://goo.gl/8aJsGg You'll still need a motherboard, a power supply and a case. Besides, Dell Precision T7610 workstation costs $3059. It features a 2.1GHz 6-core Xeon, 3GB NVIDIA Quadro K4000, 16GB RAM, 1TB 7200 rpm HDD. HP Z820 Workstation at $4400 features a 3.5 GHz 4-core XEON, 3GB NVIDIA Quadro K4000, 16GB RAM, 1TB 7200 rpm HDD. Still think nMP is overpriced? 2. Not upgradeable - non-issue for most users: So, upgrading means replacing stock internals with aftermarket products. In case of nMP, it seems that CPU and GPUs are not replaceable. So yes, it is MUCH less upgradeable than the last MP. But, CPU upgrades do not provide that big of a boost these days. Last 3 generations of Intel CPUs we're seeing a very slow progress in terms of performace: http://goo.gl/SCWaho. GPUs on the other hand have been progressing much faster. But Apple has been using very, very weak consumer-grade graphic cards in its Pro line. Actually, so weak, they were at lest 2 years behind at the MP release date already, even for consumer use. At the time MP 2008 came out, PC people (consumers, not pros) were already using nVidia 280s and Radeon 4870X2s - Apple chose to use nVidia 8800GT and Radeon HD 2600 XT, with a $2,850 option for nVidia Quadro FX 5600. A year later (2009), they upped their default GPUs to nVidia 120 and Radeons 4870 - wow (/s) In 2010 they started used Radeons 5770-5870 which were in use until today. Those GPUs needed to be replaced at release date in order to do almost any pro work. The GPUs in a nMP are stupidly fast, they don't need to be upgraded at release date, if ever for most users. These are professional cards that smoke the consumer competition (very unlike previous Apple stock GPUs). In a few years they will still be very usable, just as today a dual quadro 6000 (non-K) system from 2010 is indeed very, very fast and usable. If Apple decided back then (in 2010) to use the most advanced workstation GPUs, no upgrade would be needed today for majority of users - seriously. Now, let's see what is today's best upgrade option for older MPs: nVidia Quadro K5000 at $1900 or K6000 at $5000. Dual cards? Double the price. See my point? I'd rather buy a nMP.
  10. If you already have PCI variants of those products, you'll need a Thunderbolt PCI Expansion Chassis. There's a few of them on the market. If not, just get Thunderbolt variants. Remember when Apple dropped PCI-X? There were lots of users who couldn't plug their existing cards into a new machine. This time at least there is a TB converter. So, "everyday people" with those old Mac Pros have their external HDDs without cables? Their video cards (AJA, blackmagic, etc) don't have cables to breakout boxes? No card readers? No power cables? The "clean" old Mac Pro image on the left is obviously for the completely bare model - no expansions whatsoever. My old Mac Pro looked like that only the day I unpacked it. Now it's a cable-ridden mess. The new Mac Pro without expansions looks clean as well.
  11. zarac

    10.8 floppy support

    Well, you could say the same thing about punchcards or 8mm film. Of course there are media in the wild, but I don't want to buy a device just to read a 20-year-old floppy. There should be specialists for that kind of work.
  12. Oops, sorry about that. My knowledge obviously goes only as far as EU borders. In the USA, EULA could be binding, but certainly not in the EU.
  13. Installing Mac OS X on a PC is not illegal. Period. There is no law making it illegal. However, by doing that you're breaking Apple's end user licence agreement and therefore not eligible for any support, service and other provisions from the EULA. It would be illegal to SELL PCs with OS X preinstalled. EULA is not a law.
  14. zarac


    It could have something to do with hardware VDA decoding. Try VDADecoderChecker and maybe try changing your system definition in smbios.plist Just a wild guess
  15. zarac

    Sleep/Wake on Asrock Z77 PRO4

    I have a WiFi card too that is recognised as an Airport card. I also have a firewire controller and another e-sata controller plugged in. It all works nice. I am not sure if sleep works without DSDT, haven't even tried since I just copied my working DSDT and SSDT when I installed ML. If you have flashed the patched BIOS, you can use native AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext without the need for NullCPUPowerManagement.kext. Apart from this and DSDT edits, there is no other SleepEnabler trick that I know of. It should be quite painless to try the method I suggested. You are not going to mess with system files - only DSDT, SSDT and boot switches. If your machine doesn't boot, you can easily revert changes. Maybe you can install Chameleon alongside Clover and boot it with key '1' so you don't mess up your Clover config.