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I must be a complete idiot....


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Im new to OSx86....ive just started looking into it and I would REALLY like to get this up and running.


First off...my hardware:


P4 2.8GHz 533MHz

2x512MB DDR memory

40GB ATA100 hard drive

DVD drive



My problem:


Ive got the uphuck 1.3 DVD image burned to DVD. My hard drive has nothing on it...no partition, no data. I boot to the DVD and installation starts up fine. I start selecting all the options for drivers and applications and patches that I feel I will need. Then, there is nowhere to install the software to, so I open up Disk Utility. I click on my drive and click on partition on the right. I select Partition 1 (or 1 Partition, cant remember what it says right off) from the drop down and select MacOS Extended for the format (ive seen all over these forums about HSF+ but I dont know where in the world that is as ive seen it NOWHERE in the Disk Utility) and type in "OSx86Root" for my volume "name". I then click partition. Goes well. I close the utility and continue on with my installation and it starts installing. Once its done doing it's thing, i click restart. I remove the disk and let it boot...........................or atleast TRY to boot. It then just sits there with the stupid freakin' blinkin' _ !!!


I dont know what Im doing wrong....ive searched and searched these forums and tried numerous things...but no one seems to have a clearcut, easy to follow solution that actually WORKS!!


Can someone, ANYONE, please help me with this? And remember, im completely new to OSx86...so please dumb your instructions down as much as possible!!


Thanks to all who help.

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Well...it seems ive gotten past the blinking _ but not much further. I repartitioned the drive using the MBR option (didnt do this before) and did a clean install.


It boots to the screen showing Darwinx86 countdown, then shows this:


hd (0,1) OSx86Root (this is the volume name that i put in)

Press Enter to startup Darwin/x86 with no options or you can:

Type -v and press enter to start....blah blah blah

Typer ? and press enter to learn.....blah blah blah


It doesnt matter what I try to put in here or press...it goes nowhere. -v doesnt do anything, -x doesnt do anything, ? doesnt do anything, and just pressing Enter doesnt do anything.


Please help a newb.


Thanks guys/gals

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I used to have that problem also.

Sounds like the older problem with volumes that are partitioned with an older version of Disk Utility.


Best solution, download a DVD that has the Defiant Disk Utility PPF applied. Or if you have an older JaS 10.4.8 DVD you can download the patch only and make and updated DVD. Use that to boot and format the drive, then you can restart and install using the Uphuck DVD.

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