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... anyone gotten this to work right?

Using Callisto, I've been able to get the Resolution to where it should be, but it still only sees itself as a 16Mb VRAM card?!!


Just wondering if anyone has some helpful hints?




PS: As a side note, is it okay to nuke kexts you don't need (like for me the ATI9700 and ATI8500 ones, and the NVIDIA ones) ?

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I don't know how many times this question is going to have to be answered....




The x200 uses a unique memory architecture that Apple just straight out does not support. It is not a matter of simply patching a kext file or two, a unique driver would have to be written from the ground up. Unless someone wants to pony up several thousand dollars or find a competent programmer willing to put it a HUGE amount of work for free, x200 people are simply out of luck. There is no reason to keep flooding the forums with the same question over and over. Trust me if by some miracle the x200 is ever made QE/CI capable it will be posted all over this forum.


Sorry for my little rant, but it has been almost two years since this question was first asked and there has been zero progress on a solution!

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Hey, thanks for the reply. I apologize for re-hashing what is apparently a touchy subject :)

To be honest, there's a TON of information in the forum, but very little organization to it, so I hope people will forgive me this little blunder. :)


Thanks and I'll shutup from now on, haha! :)

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Hi all, I know that the question has been asked again and again and that card "works" with the callisto driver... the problem remained in the ram recognition...


Maybe here we have a glimpse of solution... yesterday i tried(i don't know why after 10,6,3 update to remove callisto and install last evoenabler... the thing is my video ram was fully supported UMA +Sideport = 256mo on a ati x200m !!! However the card is recognized as a ati 4670hd...(but with the good parameters --> the 0x59551002 thing)

never the less no screen resolution change possible (stuck on 1024x768) all other resolution being refused by the system... ( i tried xres 4.2 something app to try and add a 1280x800 resolution)


The question is now how can i make that kext recognize my laptop LCD screen(as recognized by callisto.kext)

I've been trying to hard code it but no success... any idea mates ?




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About x200 capabilities in MacOSX.

It is not possible to do something playing with info.plists.

With some binary patches it is possible to make some OpenGL function as I did for Radeon9000IGP - very similar card (RS300 RS400, id=5835 5955).

I have:


Disco application works (it requeries hardware OpenGL).

Some screensavers.

My solution

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Ok I'll have a try, thanks for the fast reply...

The thing I tried was the thing mentionned in callisto driver help, try and hard hardcode with the EDID string from the monitor, but actually I didn't really know where to put it exactly...


I'll let you know in a couple of minutes


Edit : [stroke]Actually do have I to add 5955 entry somewhere in one of your kext or is it already done ?[/stroke] I edited ati8500.kext and add 0x59551002 to the list... let's see

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