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  1. ATI x200M QE,CI

    Ok it did not work...
  2. ATI x200M QE,CI

    Ok I'll have a try, thanks for the fast reply... The thing I tried was the thing mentionned in callisto driver help, try and hard hardcode with the EDID string from the monitor, but actually I didn't really know where to put it exactly... I'll let you know in a couple of minutes Edit : [stroke]Actually do have I to add 5955 entry somewhere in one of your kext or is it already done ?[/stroke] I edited ati8500.kext and add 0x59551002 to the list... let's see
  3. ATI x200M QE,CI

    Hi all, I know that the question has been asked again and again and that card "works" with the callisto driver... the problem remained in the ram recognition... Maybe here we have a glimpse of solution... yesterday i tried(i don't know why after 10,6,3 update to remove callisto and install last evoenabler... the thing is my video ram was fully supported UMA +Sideport = 256mo on a ati x200m !!! However the card is recognized as a ati 4670hd...(but with the good parameters --> the 0x59551002 thing) never the less no screen resolution change possible (stuck on 1024x768) all other resolution being refused by the system... ( i tried xres 4.2 something app to try and add a 1280x800 resolution) The question is now how can i make that kext recognize my laptop LCD screen(as recognized by callisto.kext) I've been trying to hard code it but no success... any idea mates ? Quinntar