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I've got a Performa 630

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i have one too.

you can find some adb keyboards and mouse on ebay, i think.


but it is a very…well…particular mac: it was the first 68k mac with an ide hd (instead of a scsi one), which cut off any chance of getting a *bsd running on the internal drive (maybe it is possible to install it on a scsi external one), has no real fpu, so linux need to use a fpu emulator and, if you're unlucky (i am! :D ), you got one of the 630s with a buggy processor, maybe knitted, so you can't replace it. the bugs in the cpu makes the fpu emulator crash, linux runs anyway, but most of it's apps crash on start…it doesn't even fully boot up.

i finally got debian on it last year, but it was almost unusable with that problem.


so, you can only use it with mac os (7.x to 8.1), if you need it there is a free mac os 7.5.5 on apple's ftp.

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