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Build 9a410 software updates

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if he has an older version of leaoprd and a newer computer the networking might not be supported. 9a241 didn't support my mbp's airport

soundless, the network settings for leopard are FUBAR in 9a410. to get non-DHCP ethernet or any wireless to work, you need to import your network settings using Leopard's OS X Migration wizard from your Tiger partition. If you don't want to move anything else, just uncheck all the boxes as you go along and only check the network box.

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I have the first version release, I did some tweaking my self but it still runs very slugish.


Of course, space is really amazing!!


In my experience, 9a410 is still unstable,

Do you use Colloguy?


Black screen with warning


I hope these problem will be fix in WWDC07. ^ ^





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