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    HP EliteBook 8540p,i7-820QM, 68CVD Ver F.0F, nVidia NVS5100M, ML with Clover
  1. Ritz Carltn

    Asus B360M-A or H310M-E Better for Build?

    Gigabytes main oard is better than others caused by MSRlock Sented by Tapatalk in my Android SM-G930S
  2. What is that?thunderbolt? and Asus or Gigabytes? Sented by Tapatalk in my Android SM-G930S
  3. Hi Maldon, It never shutdown in macOS. Please. Help me. i7 7820x GA AROUS Ultra Gaming Pro GTX 1080Ti http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5bba868502901/Send%20me%20macOSs-iMac.zip Sented by Tapatalk in my Android SM-G930S
  4. I almost full, did not recognize Trackpad and HD 520 on 10.12.6. I upload log as attached file. anybody have some idea for me? misc.zip origin.zip config.zip
  5. How do you make that? What GPU do you use? And do you upload your efi folder? Interesting......and really good news.
  6. Ritz Carltn

    Clover General discussion

    Hey, quick question which I think I know the answer too... Can Clover boot from NetInstall, or NetBoot images hosted with OS X Server, No right?
  7. Ritz Carltn

    Skylake-X Testing (i7-7800X i7-7820X i9-7900X)

    It seems to be USB issue. You should be change USB port.
  8. Cool! It really help for me, Big Thanks
  9. Ritz Carltn

    10.12.5 in MSI GT602PC, Laptop

    Thanks, Hmm, weird, Audio is not working. bootlog.log.txt
  10. HD 4600 & Audio not working Followings is DSDT file and sevceral Log file. origin.7z Log.7z
  11. Ritz Carltn

    Clover General discussion

    http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/284656-clover-general-discussion/?p=2409594 It still did not fix it. I attached DarwinDumper. DarwinDumper_3.0.3_14.05_09.26.00_MacPro6,1_Clover_X64_4061_Yosemite_14F2315_admin.zip
  12. Ritz Carltn

    Clover General discussion

    So I have to fix CPU content in config.plist? Right? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Ritz Carltn

    Clover General discussion

    About this Mac and System Profiler both report RAM speed at DDR3 1600 MHz. Another site recommended running "sysctl hw.busfrequency hw.physmem" in terminal to check the bus speed, which results is followins. hw.busfrequency: 96000000 hw.physmem: 2147483648 Since installing Yosemite, 10.10.5, I have had reduced performance (system clok is slightly faster, time is faster and Error while trying to synchronize Audio and MIDI. sAMPLE RATE 40135 Recognized. Check conflict between Logic Pro and external device). I'm wondering it if is related with BUS Speed? I have read that a lot of bus speed reporting problems are just cosmetic, but I feel like I have a real problem here. I'm not sure what to do or check next, please advise. Intel Xeon 1231 v3 3.39Ghz Asrock B85M Pro4 nVidia GTX 960 Thanks bootlog.log.txt.zip
  14. USB 3.0 is not working atm. Following is System Info. admin’s iMac.zip ssdtPRGen.zip origin-DSDT.zip