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Geforce Go Series (Internal Laptopdisplay)


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I'm using Jas 10.4.8 with Semthex Kernel 8.8.1 on my Laptop "Toshiba Qosmio G20"

Intel Pentium M 1,8 GHz / 1GB RAM / NVidia Geforce 6600 Go (128MB)


Everything works fine ... Video works fine too with MacVidia Drivers but no QE/CI Support


But i wanted to have the full experience with QE and CI so i tested...


Got it working on an external screen with qe/ci... but the internal screen is still offline/black...


That is what i tried ...


-Different Combinations of QE/CI enabler:


TITAN (only) different Versions

NATIT (only) different Versions: dual, mobile, etc..

NVidiaEFI (only)


TITAN with NVidiaEFI

TITAN with NVidiaEFI and LaptopDisplay



-I tried different Versions

-get my EDID via MonitorInfo.exe (Windows XP)

-Entered EDID in DisplayUtil

-moved Folder to Display/Overrides/


-IOGraphicsFamily (PowerSaving issue?)


-Changed the IOGraphicsFamily.kext with the one from "_np"


-Titan & Natit


-Switched EDID Informations from 0->1 and 1->0


-The 6-12 Trick with VGA D-SUB



-doesnt work for me...




Starting the System with -v (Verbose Mode) shows me...


NVDANV40HAL loaded and registered.

IOPanelDevice: Machine is Laptop!

IOPanelDevice: Registered OK!

LaptopPanelA: Started OK!


Titan: By omni, built November 4, 2006

Titan: Testing fpr NVidia card...

Titan: Found NVIDIA GeForce Go 6600

Titan: All Set, cross your fingers!

NV: NVidiaEFI Support Version 1.0.2, build 1002071310

NV: Internal LCD Panel Detected on Output: A, Head N:0

NV: Internal LCD Panel Max Resolution: 1440x900

NVDA::start(VGA) <1>

NVDA::start(VGA) <1> failed


Now i have no idea what i can do to bring the Internal Display to work...

I've read in some forum posts that user have bring these issue to work...


Any feedback is welcome...

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I think its an Laptop issue ... The Graphics Adapter is not the problem...


Looks like the behaviour of "External Monitor Output" and "Internal LCD" Management isnt supported with the qe/ci enablers like titan etc.


But its strange that the MacVidia Drivers work...

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I think I can line up in this thread with similar hardware and same problem... I just posted in _np's Laptop Display thread, but I'll check out this thread aswell. Also james2mart seems to have a Qosmio... I also nearly tried all driver combinations together with the LaptopDisplay, IOGrapicsFamily and the Display Overrides fed with my EDID of internal Display...


check out my full description here:



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