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  1. OSX86 on a Toshiba Tecra M5 Laptop

    It would appear this is a toshiba generic problem. I have F20-153 and I have same symptoms. Has anyone worked out how to get it to work? Macvidia site is down so no way to get kexts.
  2. Need Graphics Drivers!

    Thought I would bump this thread. Any advances on this problem? Anyone manage to get the screen working?
  3. @314ter Thank you for all your hard work. It is greatly appreciated. I like your ideas and ways of doing things but am unfortunately unable to use your boot disc as the cd doesn't boot. the cd start file is a text file when i open it, I have tried empire efi and that works but is not the way i want to use it. I have E6300 on P5W board which I cannot find a DSDT for. Would you mind looking at your files in the Beta 2 boot disc and correcting them and then uploading them to something other than rapid share as rapid share often stops non members downloading. Thank you for your help P.S. If it is something I am doing wrong then please inform me.
  4. Does anyone have correct files (DSDT?) for p5w, e6300, 2 (maybe 3) GB ram and ATI X1600. I would be very grateful for any information. This project has moved on so much since the original leopard boot132 system. left me behind a bit.
  5. Thanks, I have downloaded the beta 2 version on page 55 of this thread. that not right? I may be a bit thick here but what is a DSDT? Not had to use anything like that before. I'm having trouble with platform UUID with 10.5.8 as well which I didn't have before 10.5.6. very strange.
  6. I am currently running 10.5.8 on P5W DH Deluxe board with 2gb Ram and ATI X1600. I am wanting to upgrade to Snow Leopard but cannot get the Boot132 from rapidshare as it says it is busy and has no space for unregistered users. Can anyone upload elsewhere? Also is this Boot 132 ready completely for my system? I'm assuming I would have to load my installer for graphics and change product id in x1000 files. Would that work in Snow? Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. Finally i got it working using Sonix SN9C202 driver.
All you need to do is: Download “SN9C202 (Phase out)” from Sonix - http://www.sonix.com.tw/sonix/family.do?f=3 Install it. Download patched version from http://www.mediafire.com/?dojzzi4itz0 and put extracted file into /Library/QuickTime/ folder. It should work with Amsn, QuickTime and Skype. If you want to use it with iChat you’ll have to buy iUSBCam. Sonix driver should work with these webcams (combinations of bridge+sensor):
SN9C201+MI0360 WebCam
SN9C202+MI0360 WebCam
SN9C201+HV7131R WebCam
Dino-Lite Plus
SN9C202+HV7131R WebCam
SN9C201+OV7660 WebCam
SN9C202+OV7660 WebCam
SN9C201+MI1300 WebCam
SN9C202+MI1300 WebCam
SN9C201+MI1310 WebCam
SN9C202+MI1310 WebCam
SN9C201+MI1320 WebCam
SN9C202+MI1320 WebCam
SN9C201+OV9650 WebCam (this one is used in Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000)
SN9C202+OV9650 WebCam
SN9C201+OV9655 WebCam
SN9C202+OV9655 WebCam
SN9C201+SOI968 WebCam
SN9C202+SOI968 WebCam
SN9C201+CX1332 WebCam
SN9C201+SK53BEB WebCam
SN9C202+SK53BEB WebCam
SN9C202+ICM107B WebCam Other webcams howto: 
This is what i did for Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000: To make it work first you’ll have to findout which combination of bridge and sensor is used in your webcam. Maybe this will help you - http://webcam-osx.sourceforge.net/cameras/index.php Then get your webcam’s vendor and product ID by clicking on Apple logo on menubar -> About This Mac -> More Info… -> USB. Find your webcam on the list, click on it and you’ll see Product ID and Vendor ID. Run Calculator from Applications folder and select Programmer from the View menu. Click the Hex button on calculator and enter your Vendor ID value without “0x”. That’s 0c45 for me. It’ll show as c45 only. Click the Dec button. It will give convert Vendor ID from Hex to Dec. Make a note of this number. In my case it’s 3141. Click C button and repeat last two steps for Product ID. My Product ID in Hex was 0×62bf and in Dec it’s 25279.
You can quit Calculator and System Profiler. Assuming you have already installed Sonix driver open /Library/QuickTime/Sonix SN9C201 WebCam.component/Contents/Info.plist in Property List Editor. As root or else you won’t be able to save it. Expand SN9Cxxxx and find your bridge+sensor combination in one of Items. In my case it was Item 14 because it’s “name” value contains “SN9C201+OV9650″ Now you’ll need to replace Product ID and Vendor ID values of this Item with the one you converted fom Hex to Dec. That’s Product ID 244 and Vendor ID 1118 for Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000. This same trick might work on other webcams using the driver for their individual controller.
  8. did you flag the active partition in terminal? thats where i went wrong with it.
  9. How did you go about getting chameleon 2 rc1 to work? did you use an existing install to put it on another hd or did you start from scratch? which guide did you follow or maybe you could write a guide for us new to retail installs with the latest chameleon.
  10. I'm looking to install osx 10.5.6 retail onto a new 500gb hd with chameleon 2 rc1, I dont have a working installation atm. how is best to achieve what i want?
  11. Before I buy myself a new HDD i want to check a few things... I have a retail disc that i can put on .iso and mount. will the 4.4 tools and the guide at top make everything boot like my prepatch disc has done for last year? is it faster? I have asus p5dh deluxe with x1600 graphics. all worked out of box with prepatch disc all i had to do was use an installer to get graphics, working on 10.5.5 atm. will it work the same using retail? most importantly.. is it worth all the hassle over prepatched discs apart from getting the ability to direct update, what else would i gain?
  12. GeForceGo 6600 128mb

    I'm in same boat with geforce go 6600. it seems the vga bios is on main board on my laptop. i'm sure that wont help. any further info on a solution yet?
  13. GeForce Go 6600

    does anyone have any further info about this?
  14. NVKush solved CI/QE down after 10.5.3

    I have geforce go 6600. NVKush works great for external connector but I get nothing from internal display. From searching around I have found that the vga bios is on the main bios so it is not possible to dump to get the nvcap. I'm pulling my hair out with this. could someone please point me in the right direction. it seems i am hitting brick walls with everything i try.
  15. LaptopDisplay

    Why do I get the feeling that this so called driver and relating thread is run by someone who's full of hot air and getting people excited over nothing? If it was a woman in a bar i'd call her a tease!