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  1. normanbates

    Mac Pro (Early 2013) - Asus Rampage Gene 2

    @Baudouin: The Case is Lian Li PC-V700A
  2. Here is my Version of the new Mac Pro (Early 2013): ;-) System Details: Asus Rampage Gene 2 i7 920 (2,67GHz) @ 2,93 GHz 6 GB RAM ATI Radeon 5850 1x Intel SSD 520 (120GB) for OS X (10.8.2) 2x WD Raptor (120GB) for Windows and Games
  3. normanbates

    ATI Radeon HD 5850 slow 3D Performace

    Hi, i'm running OSX 10.8 ML very well. Only my graphics card ATI Radeon 5850 is a little bit slow in 3D Gaming. When I play World of Warcraft on medium details@1920x1200px it is not flawless. I've tested with the Bootloader Chameleon and Clover (same results) with Bootflags: <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>AtiConfig</key> <string>Uakari</string> In "About my Mac" it is shown as a ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series and when I start CInebench or Luxmark it is shown as "ATI Radeon Cypress Pro Prototype". Cinebench Score: 30 / Luxmark: 625 Any Ideas for getting better performace?
  4. normanbates

    Waiting for root device

    Bei mir lag es einfach nur am USB-Stick. Nachdem ich einen anderen ausprobiert habe lief es.
  5. normanbates

    [GUIDE] Dell XPS 1730 - OSX 10.5.7 (QE/CI)

    Dualboot is no problem with Chameleon if you make one partition OSX and the other Windows.
  6. Dell XPS 1730 Leopard Guide (10.5.7) Hello, i got now finally everything working on my 1730 (except restart/shutdown/sleep and WLAN) And i want to tell you how i did it: What works? GFX: nVIDIA Geforce 8800M GTX with QE/CI @ 1920x1200x32 (Drivers needed) LAN: Broadcom 57xx (Drivers needed) SOUND: Sigmatel 9228 (Drivers needed) MEDIA KEYS: Mute, Vol+, Vol-, Next-Track (works OOB) TOUCHPAD: Synaptics (works OOB) WEBCAM: Logitech 2.0 MP (works OOB) BLUETOOTH: Dell TrueMobile 355 Bluetooth Module (works OOB) What doesnt work? - Restart/Shutdown (You have to shutdown by Power Button) - Sleep (No Reaction) - DVI-Output (OSX hangs if i connect to it) - Logitech Gamepanel (Doesnt connect if i install the software) - WLAN Card Intel 4965 - RAID Mode not supported you have to use ATA or AHCI Mode What do I need before i install? (Only if you cant connect to the Internet with another PC) - Combo Pack 10.5.7 Update Installer Link - Universal OSX86 Installer Link - Broadcom 57xx Installer (Attachment below) OSX Version/Distribution I have tested many distributions like Kalyway, iAtkos and iPC. But he only one that works for me without kernel panic is: iATKOS 4.0 BIOS Settings You can leave default settings. Only setting you got to change is AHCI to ATA. After Update to 10.5.7 you can switch back to AHCI. OSX Installation - Boot your iAtkos DVD - Make your OSX Partition (MBR/GUI) - You have to check the options [stock Kernel 9.4.0] and [Darwin Bootloader] (nothing else) - Thats the first part OSX Post-Installation PART 1: Universal OSX86 Installer - First you have to download "Universal OSX86 Installer" Link -Choose you HD to apply -Check the "Apply kext package" box -Check the "Set Native Boot Resolution to:" and change the values to "1920x1200" -Check the "Install PC_EFI v9 Chameleon Edition 1.0.12" box -Click on "Install" -Reboot PART 2: 10.5.7 Combo Update -Install the 10.5.7 Combo Update. Link -Reboot -Dont be worry if your Laptop restarts on the first boot. -You should now see Version 10.5.7 in you "About your MAC" Window PART 3: PS2 Keyboard (FIX) -After the update to 10.5.7 you cant use the Laptop keyboard anymore. -Plugin an external USB Keyboard. -Install the "10.5.7 RepairPack" Link -Select only "Additional Kexts" / "ApplePS2kexts.10.5.7.ready" -Reboot and the keyboard should work now. PART 4: Broadcom 57xx Installer (Wired LAN) -Run the Installer. -You should now be able to use the Internet. PART 5: nVIDIA 8800M GTX Graphics Driver (nvDarwin 1.2.5) - Run the Installer. Link - Choose "512 MB" Driver. - Reboot PART 6: Sigmatel 9228 Sound Driver - Install AppleHDA.kext - Install HDAEnabler.kext - Delete "AppleAzaliaAudio.kext" in your "/System/Library/Extensions" Folder - Repair permissions. - Reboot I hope I can help you out with your 1730. Thanks goes to macgirl and wingrunr21. BCM5751.zip AppleHDA.kext.zip HDAEnabler.kext.zip
  7. Hello, i have a Dell XPS 1730 Laptop with 8800M GTX SLI (a. 512 MB RAM) Graphics Adapter. It is possible wit NVinject/NVkush to use Mirroring and 1920x1200 Resolution. But i cant get no QE/CI. Tried with several EFI Strings (8800 GTX 768MB RAM) (8800 GTS 512MB RAM) No chance. Can anybody help me?
  8. normanbates

    Mouse jumping issues!?

    OK. It seems that i have fixed it. Installed USB Overdrive and at this moment no jumps have been come again.
  9. normanbates

    Mouse jumping issues!?

    My problem is that i have this issue after the update to 10.5.4. Worked a long time with 10.5.2 and no problems there. Very strange.
  10. Hello, I finally get everything to work on my System: Asus A8N-SLI Premium / AMD Athlon X2 4000+ / 2GB RAM / 2x nVidia 8800GT 512 MB (SLI) What I use: Zephyroth Leopard 10.5.1 AMD NVInstallerV.32.pkg BIOS Settings: IDE S.M.A.R.T. Mode enabled IDE Prefetch Mode disabled On-Board LAN 1 and LAN2 Yukon disabled (installed a PCI Network Card "Realtek" ; works great If I activate On-Board LAN Safari/Firefox Downloads freezes and I have to restart) USB 2.0 enabled USB Legacy Mode enabled SLI Mode: Single Display Adapter (Dual Display crashes NVinject at bootup / So I can use only one card in Leopard ) Installed Leopard on an old IDE 160GB Drive without Graphics Driver and other modules/kexts At the first bootup you have to start with "-X -V" In Safe Mode you have to install the NVInstallerV.32.pkg Edit the right Device ID in NVinject, GeForce, NVDANV50 and NVDAResman-kexts and repair permissions Your System should now be very stable
  11. normanbates

    Finder (Network Problem)

    Have installed 10.4.4 IONetworkFamily.kext but that didnt work too... On my other System its working, strange... Using Internal Network form ASUS-A832SLI-Deluxe (Nvdia NForce4 Network + Marvell Yukon Adapter) Both devices are succesfully working in Safari etc... Only the Network Access dont work..
  12. normanbates

    Finder (Network Problem)

    Hello... My Network Card works fine... Only thing is Finder. I tried to get a connection to another Windows PC but I go to Finder / Network / Workgroup and select the Computer the Window pops up where i can select the Shared Folder. If i select it and give it a go there comes a Error Message: "The Alias "Computer name" could not be opened, because the original item cannot be found." Anyone know this problem ?
  13. Hello... I have a Soundblaster X-FI... Since this soundcard has no support for OSX i wanted to buy another 5.1 Soundcard. Does anybody know which internal / external 5.1 Soundcard works and is a good alternative?
  14. normanbates

    Geforce Go Series (Internal Laptopdisplay)

    I think its an Laptop issue ... The Graphics Adapter is not the problem... Looks like the behaviour of "External Monitor Output" and "Internal LCD" Management isnt supported with the qe/ci enablers like titan etc. But its strange that the MacVidia Drivers work...
  15. normanbates

    Geforce Go Series (Internal Laptopdisplay)

    Thanks for your comment... I have tested all the listed things on an external monitor