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Looking to pay a programmer for modding OSX

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I want to pay someone to hack OSX to allow SYSTEM volume adjustment, when using optical audio. Right now, the audio is LOCKED to 100%. I can't adjust it with my remote, and the volume buttons on the keyboard don't work, even the mute button is useless. I want you to hack OSX for me, so I have control of the volume again.


I'm using a 24" iMac for a TV/main machine, and it's great. I have it hooked up to a DTS/DD decoder via optical, and honestly, it really bugs the {censored} out of me. I have read many places that 'audio volume adjustment' would decrease quality, but this doesn't really make sense. At all. Why? Because iTunes can adjust the volume on MP3s and whatnot without an issue.... so can other applications. So what am I getting at? Sure, turning down the volume on a digital file probably reduces the quality somewhat, but SO WHAT?! IT SHOULD BE MY CHOICE. If I want lossless full quality audio, turn my iMac's volume all the way up. It's that simple.


Other beefs with this:

1. I have to use two remotes, instead of the simple apple one for everything.

2. The keyboard is losing functionality. If you 'audio purist nazis' that want to force everyone to ONLY have lossless audio at all times, please explain the absense of functionality of the freaking MUTE button. Seems to me MUTE is MUTE, regardless of quality. Why is the mute button totally useless!?!?!


Again, windows does this without a problem. Also, I read somewhere that certain glitchy G5 powermacs were capable of volume adjustment via optical audio, if you switched from optical to analog without disconnecting the optical cable, or something like t hat. Does anybody know of ANY sort of hack that would allow me to control the volume of my computer THROUGH MY COMPUTER?! Quality be damned. Seriously. If I want super high quality I'll just turn it all the way up and adjust via the receiver....but I would like my control back!!!!


Price can be negotiable.

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Is this one of the audio problems on the 24" iMac in 10.4.9 that Apple says they will be fixing for 10.4.10, perhaps?


...if there'll ever be a 10.4.10 update :) Haven't heard of any X.x.10 updates, AFAIK they all end at X.x.9... am I wrong? :)


edit: Just read the AppleInsider 10.4.10 news bit, now that's surprising.

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It's what I use when I'm in the shower and I need to boost the volume on my laptop so I can hear my music. There's also an option to decrease overall system volume, so it should work. Not sure if it'll work if you're using a hackontosh, but it might.

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