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  1. Ah, alright. It's fine if this machine is fully maxxed out; it still does what I want and runs amazingly well. In fact, it sort of blows my mind that this thing is a decade old but still runs modern OSs and modern programs as well as it does.
  2. Hi, I have a decently stout Mac Pro 1.1 and I'm looking for a bit more power for some animations I've been working on. So far, this is what I have: Dual Quad Xeon X5365s 32 gigs ram SSD for OSX SSD for Win7 Modded 7970, I'm pretty sure this is the fastest card available that still displays boot screens correctly. I've done some reading about the BSEL mod, and the VID mod, but have not found anyone who has done this with my processors. Does it work much the same? What else can I do?
  3. Thanks for the resources. The forum is so big I didn't know how to find a 'foolproof' version. Yep, I can do all that, not a problem. Meh, it won't be too bad, I don't think. It won't look factory, but it should work out alright.
  4. Here's the deal. I'd like to build a relatively cheap hackintosh for my studio at school. I have a lot of parts laying around, I have a 15" Cintiq, extra keyboard, a few hard drives, a G4 powermac case, a bunch of ram from PCs and G4 systems, Optical drives, and a few power supplies. So basically, I'd like to buy a motherboard and CPU. I'm just not 'geeky' enough to understand all the differences in hardware. I want something that works easily, because growing up on macs and windows, I have almost zero command line experience. Can this be done? I'm comfortable with case modding, and computer hardware, but I suck at comman line very badly. I literally need step by step instructions for that kind of thing. So has anybody worked out a TROUBLE FREE hackintosh CPU/motherboard/videocard combo? It doesn't have to be blazing fast. Oh, and I plan on booting into Tiger and XP occasionally for Alias/Solidworks stuff. - Rob This looks cheap and quick, no idea on compatibility: Motherboard Ecs Nforce 570 Slit-A Lga775 Motherboard Category Image Intel Core 2 Duo Processors Intel Dual Core E2180 2.0ghz 800fsb $118 with 1 gig of memory on pricewatch.
  5. Okay, this has my interest. I have a 24" iMac with 7600GT, and I'm not new to modifying computers.... I was I think the first person to swap a 333mhz G3 daughtercard onto a rev A iMac motherboard, allowing me to use the gamewizard graphics card, .... and I did some other stuff to a quicksilver, but anyway... I have a bunch of questions, as I don't understand all this PC lingo.I am aware my iMac has a Core2Duo. When you say SOCKET69, what do you mean? When I go to pricewatch, all the core2duos are t5500-7600 or e2160 to e6150. What the hell does all that mean? Which one is in my iMac? What is compatible, if I just bought a new CPU? Also, how can intel 'lock' the multipliers? Are they impossible to unlock? This seems strange to me, in today's world of reflashing things.All this RAM nonsense you've mentioned is entirely gibberish to me, I have no idea what you are talking about. I found compatible ram on crucial, and ordered 2 1 gig sticks, and they work fine. Considering that EFI isn't hacked yet, I kinda want to just buy a new CPU, and ebay my old one. So I want to know what's compatible, and what isn't.Peace,- RobAlso, would I be able to add a quadcore C2D to my iMac? That would be hella sweet. Thanks!
  6. Avoid mighty mouses. They suck. After using one for a few days my hand started to hurt and ache. It's NOT very ergonomic. Mice should NOT cause pain.
  7. Why? Basically it just needs to be enabled. I know it's possible, as some old G5s at school had adjustable optical audio.
  8. Frontrow is neat to use from the couch, but there's no visualizer when playing music. That's totally lame. I'd like to change that. Anybody have any ideas?
  9. I want to pay someone to hack OSX to allow SYSTEM volume adjustment, when using optical audio. Right now, the audio is LOCKED to 100%. I can't adjust it with my remote, and the volume buttons on the keyboard don't work, even the mute button is useless. I want you to hack OSX for me, so I have control of the volume again. I'm using a 24" iMac for a TV/main machine, and it's great. I have it hooked up to a DTS/DD decoder via optical, and honestly, it really bugs the {censored} out of me. I have read many places that 'audio volume adjustment' would decrease quality, but this doesn't really make sense. At all. Why? Because iTunes can adjust the volume on MP3s and whatnot without an issue.... so can other applications. So what am I getting at? Sure, turning down the volume on a digital file probably reduces the quality somewhat, but SO WHAT?! IT SHOULD BE MY CHOICE. If I want lossless full quality audio, turn my iMac's volume all the way up. It's that simple. Other beefs with this: 1. I have to use two remotes, instead of the simple apple one for everything. 2. The keyboard is losing functionality. If you 'audio purist nazis' that want to force everyone to ONLY have lossless audio at all times, please explain the absense of functionality of the freaking MUTE button. Seems to me MUTE is MUTE, regardless of quality. Why is the mute button totally useless!?!?! Again, windows does this without a problem. Also, I read somewhere that certain glitchy G5 powermacs were capable of volume adjustment via optical audio, if you switched from optical to analog without disconnecting the optical cable, or something like t hat. Does anybody know of ANY sort of hack that would allow me to control the volume of my computer THROUGH MY COMPUTER?! Quality be damned. Seriously. If I want super high quality I'll just turn it all the way up and adjust via the receiver....but I would like my control back!!!! Price can be negotiable.
  10. cash68

    How can Apple make gaming better?

    They can put a god damn video input port on the back of my 24" iMac, so you can hook up a PS2 to it. That would be awesome, as I haven't used my PS2 in over 4 months (my iMac replaced my TV). 3rd party solutions like eyetv have lag, so I won't even bother trying them.
  11. Yeah, I used to. Tycho's water cooled G3 was pretty neat. It was a fun forum, full of people who knew what they were talking about.
  12. Drat. Well, hopefully apple releases a headless iMac, but I doubt it. They want anybody who wants a 'decent' videocard to shell out the big bucks for the mac pro, which is complete overkill for me. I only need 1 hd, I only want 1 dual core cpu, I don't need a ton of expandability, just a graphics card slot, and optical audio out. Argh. Damn you apple. Also... what's with the 1,2,3,5,6,4?
  13. Hey all. Cool forum. I've heard a lot about hackintoshes the past few years, but up until 2 months ago, I was pretty content with my REAL powermac system, and modifying it (link here: http://forums.macnn.com/73/mac-modificatio...silver-project/ ) I also have one of the most modified 1st gen imacs in the world, link here: http://forums.macnn.com/73/mac-modificatio...e-1st-gen-imac/ However, eventually I just ran out of room... I couldn't upgrade the quicksilver system anymore, and it was no longer suiting my needs since I am going to be needing the ability to run the occasional windows program next semester. So, I parted out my system, and sold the entire thing on ebay. Except the case. I'm not sure what to do with that yet. If I did follow through with a hackie I'd probably build it in that case. Anyway, I've never been a big fan of windows. I can use it, I just never really liked it. I've had macs since about 1993 or so. I WAS planning on snagging a 24" iMac with a 7600GT to use as my primary machine, but now I'm having second thoughts as I'm reading more about this hackintosh stuff. To cut it short, here are my questions (And I've seen the hardware compatability list): 1. Is it possible to BUILD a system specifically for osx86, so that {censored} just works? I do have the technical know-how to futz with things, and follow complicated directions, but I just DONT LIKE DOING IT. I understand installing osx on a hackintosh is a PITA, but once it's installed, from what I've read it is very fast, very stable, and works great. 2. I would be using OSX 99.999999% of the time. I would install windows on another partition, and only use it for 2-3 programs which I need on a very occasional basis. However, I would need to switch inbetween the two. 3. One of the reasons I wanted the 24" iMac was that I'm also going to be selling my TV, and using my machine as the hub... it will be my main machine, and the home theater. I currently have a pretty badass sound system with an optical dolby digital/dts decoder... do any hackintoshes have working optical audio out? How well does 'front row' work on a hack? Are there any decent remotes that work with frontrow on a hack? But yeah, the big thing is the optical output via osx86... I want to be able to use OSX, pop in a dvd, launch front row, and have optical audio from the DVD sent to my decoder. Is this possible? 4. Again, the only thing I have right now is a modded quicksilver case, a keyboard, and a mouse. I'd have to buy everything, so I can tailor this machine specifically towards what works best. If I did do this, I would most definitely get a core2duo chip, probaly a 2.13ghz... not sure about the mobo... given my requirements, I was hoping someone could steer me towards the one that 'just works', if any. 5. Can I use my apple pro keyboard? Will the volume/eject buttons and everything still work? 6. Basically, I just want a mac. The only reason I'm really looking into this is to SAVE MONEY. I don't need 15 hard drives, two graphics cards slots, bla bla bla bla. I just want a decently fast mac, with a GOOD graphics card. Unfortunately, the only way to get a good graphics card in apple's present lineup is to either spring for the 24" iMac, or go broke paying for a mac pro, and still having to purchase a screen and everything, which is defintiely out of the question. If apple offered a 'headless imac' with a graphics slot, I'd own one already. But they don't. Thanks for reading this long post, I'm really really thankful for any help I get! Thank you in advance! - Ca$h