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Too good to be true?


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Hey everyone,


I tried searching around here for word about this, but didn't see anything, so maybe I'm the first to notice...(???)


On the "green demon", I just found what claims to be a 10.4.9 install DVD for AMD and Intel systems running both SSE2 and SSE3. It was uploaded by Uphuck a couple of days ago. It looks like no one is buzzing about it here yet, so I thought I'd check in and see if anyone has heard about it and whether or not it's for real. Sounds too good to be true, but I'm very curious because I never got Tubgirl's 10.4.9 update to run stable on my AMD system with the 8.9.1 kernel (I think my Terminal skills suck though...^_^). Anyway, a full install DVD for 10.4.9 would be awesome for us Terminal-deficient folks. Anyone have any clue about this? Apparently, it comes with application packages and some other extras, but oddly enough, he didn't include the printer drivers. I'm downloading it right now because my curiosity is getting the best of me.


[see quote from the torrent below...]


Hi everyone, this is the second release of my OSX86 10.4.9 universal dvd work that i'd like to share. I could not seed the first release of my torrent to world because of some fakers, I hope to share this one safely..


This is only for x86 PC with AMD/Intel SSE2/SSE3 CPU, not Power PC.


You don't know the first release but I added some new packages like universal speedstep kernel, drivers and some applications. I removed printer drivers which were optional and changed the diskutil with the right one to make backup and restore possible with this dvd.



First backup all your important data.

Thanks to all developers again..


Inside the DVD:

- 10.4.9 Intel

10.4.9 Intel package

IOATAFamily kext from 10.4.8

- 10.4.9 AMD

10.4.9 AMD package

AppleACPIPlatform kext from 10.4.8

- Kernels

Intel SSE2 (1 April 2007)

Intel SSE3 (26 March 2007)

AMD SSE2 (1 April 2007)

AMD SSE3 (1 April 2007)

Universal (23 April 2007)

Universal (3 May 2007)

script to remove AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext

- Drivers (I integrated GMA950 to intel package, it will be detected automatically)

Natit dual 0.2


nVidia mobility

ATI X1x00

ATI AGP support

GMA900 (DiaboliK)



Azalia Audio

Realtek R1000

Ralink Wireless


Intel Speedstep


- Applications







VLC player

QuickTime codecs


- Language Translations


Please read the instructions and descriptions of the packages.

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Are there any comments on demonoid? What do they say?


Just the usual million questions from people wondering whether it will run on their systems or not. Uphuck replied once just to say that it is in fact for AMD/Intel/SSE2/SSE3 systems. At the moment no one has 100% and I am assuming that he is still the only seeder...everyone else is at or around about 42%.


I'll keep this thread updated on the progress. It could take a while because it looks like there are 83 leechers on the torrent right now O_o yikes!

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Good luck! I would try it myself, but I have an nForce4 chipset :) I'm still going to give it a try on a P4 SSE2 machine I've got, but that'll just be for the sake of messing around with it. Anyway, looks like it could be a while before anyone is able to try this baby out since Uphuck is still the only seeder and there are now 125 peers on it all stuck at 55%. Guess he decided not to (or couldn't) superseed :\

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uphuck 10.4.9 universal x86 install dvd v1.2


it is 74.5% now. Man, I'm in the search for the Holly Grail. Is this the one?


edit May 9: - 86.4% I help seeding. Let's post on this thread only the results with this iso on out specific configurations.

edit May 11: - 93.2% Is not stuck, just very slow. Keep seeding pls.

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cryogen is right. we'll all have to wait a bit longer for any results. so far it's been downloading at about 10% each day, with everyone at about 82% right now. on a more optimistic note, the tracker is now reporting 2 seeds instead of just one...so maybe Uphuck has a neighbor helping him out...and everyone thought "sneakernet" was obsolete :)

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Here's what Uphuck had to say on the torrent page regarding the seeding (in case anyone is wondering and is too lazy to go to the page themselves :tomato:)


gentlemen I'm the only seeder, I'm not at home right now, my computer is seedeing the file at superseeding mode, about %10 of the file is downloaded by some people who did not get online for sharing those parts, because of that download can stop at about %90 (this is the first time i use superseeding, i dont know what it will do at the end of file) on friday I'll be at home and solve this (maybe by closing superseeding mode..)


So looks like we've got another day to wait :tomato:

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woo! what a rush :) i could FEEL the anticipation for this torrent, and now it's over. from 1 to 59 seeds in under 15 minutes. amazing!


so now that we've got it, who will be the first to report back? eh? eh?


i know it wont be me, because i wont have a chance to install it today...maybe tomorrow ;)

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Lets see... Tried a few different options and still ends up to same error on bootup.....



System config file '/com.apple.Boot.plist' not found



Will look around the forums and see if theres a fix .......

Otherwise I'm pretty bummed this didn't work ... :thumbsdown_anim:


TubGirl's 10.4.9 ppf and 10.4.8 ISO are faster to download.


I got them in 16 hours.



Not really a problem getting image. More of a problem of getting one that works on my system. I can't get the updates to work.

Unless you wanna come on over and help me fix it??

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Finally got it to work. :P


Updating Java, quicktime and itunes.


Tried 3 times on 2 machine, the c2d works, will try on the 915 tomorrow, it should work as well, just need to chose the right package.

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