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  1. rkwok

    Wont install with patches.

    Which version of OSX are you using, I use Jas 10.4.6, 10.4.8, Uphuck 1.2 and 1.4, all with very good result. But I did encounter the same error as you when using Uphuck 1.3. Do you have another version you can try? or burn another copy with slower speed. Also make sure you choose the right patches for your system: Intel Patch SSE3 kernel GMA900 and
  2. rkwok

    Wont install with patches.

    first thing, you should list the components of your computer, otherwise no one would be able to begin the trouble shooting for you.
  3. Which version of OSX did you try? I had tried Uphuck 1.4I r1 and R3, both with the Azalia audio checked during installation, and sound came out right at the first reboot. Jas 10.4.8 also works. Although we only have the R1 in North America, but the only difference btw R1 and R2 are 2 ram slots vs 4 rma slots, 10/100 lan vs GB lan, other than that they are the same.
  4. The chipset is Nvidia 570 (single chip-north and south).
  5. The DVD is only 1.36G. Works good with Asrock Conroe1333-D667 / with Celeron 420/ E4400/ E6300. Thanks Uphuck.
  6. Tried 945G-DVI, Conroe1333-DVI, Conroe1333-D667-R1, P4Dual915GL and 775Dual915GL and none of them work with Version 1.3, ver 1.2 installed flawlessly on all those boards, still trying to figure out what is the problem, had tried every combination I can think of. Should have more time to try on Friday. Wish me luck!
  7. at the moment, there only 8 seed, guess we ar not living in an ideal world after all. now it's at 11
  8. rkwok

    Install OK, but no boot...

    Actually his CPU is AMD instead.
  9. rkwok

    Too good to be true?

    Finally got it to work. Updating Java, quicktime and itunes. Tried 3 times on 2 machine, the c2d works, will try on the 915 tomorrow, it should work as well, just need to chose the right package.
  10. rkwok

    Why does one work and not the other?

    2 things, 1. the ati xpress 200 chipset. 2. it's sata drive connected to that south bridge. In vmware, the HDD is seen as IDE, therefore no issue whatsoever, but when boot directly, the sounth bridge driver is not in the list of MacOSX, therefore it can't locate the boot device, hope this answer your question.
  11. rkwok


    for computer 1, try take out the winxp hdd, and have your 2nd hdd and ODD on the same cable and connect it to Primary. have you check the compatibility list, is the ATI xpress 200 supported? As for your Dell, I think Centrino only has SSE2, but the iso you downloaded is SSE3, probably the reason why it won't install. MPIP103_10.4.7.SMB.CIFS.APF.FIX.dmg is for fixing SMB problem in 10.4.7
  12. rkwok


    I think listing the specs of your computer will help others to find the issue for you.
  13. rkwok


    problem is his hd is now all unallocated, i do not work for that company, I just had some virus "I love you" ruined our whole network (i think it was 9 years ago) and formated most hd, tried tons of programs and this is the one that gave me back the most files and most of them were intact. That program can get data even after the drive had been formated.
  14. rkwok


    Rstudio has a few programs, one for NTFS, one for FAT and might be others. So if you are lucky, the data should be ok, by the way, you need another drive to store the data you want to backup.
  15. Sailfish meant update your bios to the lastest one if you haven't done so, but I think Via SATA is not supported during the installation stage. You might want to use IDE drive to save some time and trouble.