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million dollar question


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my config:


intel motherboard

intel p4, 3GHz

512 Ram

C:\ - fat 32 - windows xp

e:\ - ntfs - vista

g:\ - fat 32 - OS X wanted here


can i have a triple boot .... is it possible to have vista's boot manager to have OS X option as well ....


and i have read that trying to install OS X some people have lost data on partitions ... is there a way by which i can disable certain partitions such as my c: to avoid anything going wrong on the c:


im new to OS X and its ntallation so would request help .... thanx in advance

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intel motherboard(what exactly?)

intel p4, 3GHz(passed)

512 Ram(passed)

C:\ - fat 32 - windows xp(use ntfs/passed)

e:\ - ntfs - vista(passed)

g:\ - fat 32 - OS X wanted here(on installation progress it wil be Mac Os Extended(Jurnaled)passed )

x:\ - fat 32 - Swap partition (passed)


give some details for your Motherboard

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Guest Ramm

G: Cannot have OS X installed to it. The OS X partition has to be HFS+ (also called AF). Vistas partition/boot manager will support it. Search google.

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ya i will re-format the g drive ... but i cannot re-format c to ntfs coz it will require me to re-install everything and un-fortunately all my vista appz are also installed on c ... so hence i asled is there any way of disabling my c to avoid any mis-haps


my mobo:




and u want me to create another x of fat 32???


and some info on having vista's boot manager having OS X ... please

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The OS X partition has to be HFS+ (also called AF)


AF? Do you mean AFS? If so, that's Andrew File System, which is very different from Apple's Hierarchical File System (HFS and HFS+).

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  • Try as much as possible to install osx on a primary partition, before any extended partition (if there's any).
  • If you succeed in installing and running osx, you'll need to read this osx86 wiki topic to set the timer on your darwin bootloader, to be able to see its menu and select osx; otherwise you'll just end up again on vista's bootloader.
  • To hide winxp's and vista's partition when booting osx, you'll need a third party bootloader, eg grub or acronis os selector, or other; another advantage is that then you'd avoid needing to get the darwin boot menu since these can also make osx partition active.
  • As oracle said, you should read some of the guides and chose which one suits you best. If you don't want to start from scratch, you'll have some compromises to make (redundancy of boot menus, some partition manipulations, etc).
    So take some time to inform yourself and think about a plan of action.
  • the partition type also has an associated hex number; hfs+ formated partitions have 0xAF as hex partition tag (note: the linux distro ShagOS's swap partition also has 0xAF tag).
  • a final note: osx won't be on your "g" drive: it won't show a letter in your windows partition manager, and osx itself doesn't show any letters associated to partitions. It's better then to talk about partitions (including their order and type), than drive letters, in multi-boots with other os's than windows (eg osx, linux).

good luck

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i went through the quad boot guide and it has put in some dilemma ...


1. it wants me to have c: as ntfs ... me cant do tht

2. it wants me to make the drive for MAC OS X as a primary drive ... it currently is a logical drive making it a primary wouldnt affect the rest of the logical drives coz they are all together ?????


and i just though of this is it possible that if i buy myself another hdd and then installd MAC OS X on it then some how having that option of booting into MAC in vista's boot mgr ??? ... hope i did not confuse u

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