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  1. Accessing Ext3, NTFS, HFS+ Via Windows, Ubuntu & OS X [...] Continue Reading...
  2. I have tried JaS & iAtkos ir2, both the versions seem to be giving me issues with iWorks (Pages & Keynote hang) VLC keeps crashing, does not show the video at all, just crashes. There are qiute a few other bugs too. Is anyone else facing this too? Any suggestions?
  3. Hey guys I edited my com.apple.boot.plist to add the resolution, I did it correctly but now OS X reboots the moment it shows the boot screen, even in verbose mode it simply restarts.
  4. JaS 10.5.2 Boot issue

    Ok guys, I re-installed a couple of times, changing the options and finally it installed, but I am unable to change the display reso, I am on Intel's onboard graphics. My motherboard is the 865GBF.
  5. JaS 10.5.2 Boot issue

    ^^ I tired that and these are the last 2 lines: Mac OS version: Not yet set Kernel version: Darwin kernel ver 9.2.0: *some date* made by TOH:xnu-1228/BUILD/RELEASE_I386 nothing after this, the thing just stops responding. Any ideas?
  6. JaS 10.5.2 Boot issue

    I am not getting the count down or option to enter -v, it directly takes me to the boot screen, my graphics is the onboard graphics, it worked fine with JaS 4.8 Tiger. Thank you for the replies though.
  7. JaS 10.5.2 Boot issue

    Anyone? No one? wow that's surprising.
  8. Hello guys, after a failed iAtkos try, I downloaded JaS's version and installed it, the installation went fine, I chose the Darwin bootloader & sse2 & 3. On restarting after the installation, the comp hangs on the boot screen, the circling animation is not shown either. Any help guys? My config: Intel P4 (SSE3) 512 MB Ram Intel 865GBF Motherboard Onboard gfx
  9. This is a guide I compiled as a lot people have asked me how to efficiently make use of the iPod, this guide is divided into 2 parts: Part 1: How to manage Audio & Video and most importantly. How to back up your iPod library, Transfer songs from the iPod to the PC in way that the file names are the same as the song title or artist/album. How to add you tube videos in a few clicks without having to convert manually. Part 2: Explorer Icon Lyrics Integration Contacts, Calendar & Photo Synchronization Backgrounds Themes Portable Applications Maximizing iPod Portability Themes and customization tweaks have been elaborated on in the 2 part guide. Links to various softwares have also been provided. In the guide a lot of formatting has been done and a lot of images have been used for better and easier understanding. The guide is also quite extensive, which make it difficult for me to post the whole thing here. iPod Power User Guide - Part 1 iPod Power User Guide - Part 2
  10. some issues

    hey guys i could really benefit from some help
  11. some issues

    are u refering to the 8600 patch? if yes then i wil try it but im not too optimistic, thanks anyways for the reply
  12. some issues

    after a lot of troubles i have been able to get iAtkos 5.1 working on my machine but there are a few problems that are troubling me my config is: intel p4 see3 3GHz intel 865gbf motherboard display: onboard 512 mb ram 1. i have to keep hyper-threading off 2. it only boots if the iAtkos dvd is in the tray 3. i cant change the resolution from 1024x768 as it is the only option shown 4. frontrow shows a black screen thats it 5. iWork 08 is freezing (worked fine on tiger 4. any help would be appreciated thank you
  13. hey guys after more than 40 re-installations i have finally reached a stage where my iAtkos atleast shows the boot screen after a successful installation but it does not go beyond that, it hangs at the boot screen the animated circle thing below the apple logo circles for some time and after that it stops and so does the machine. i cant seem to go beyond that version: iAtkos 1.0r2 my config: p4 sse3 512 ram intel 865gbf during installation i chose: patches: sse2/sse3 remove pwr management remove thermal xets and i chose the darwin efi loader with acpistock any help would be appreciated
  14. Error Loaidng Operating System

    thank u for the reply i dont know how but i somehow have got around that hurdle to bump into another 1 during the customization screen of the installations i do not have the option of Intel sse2/sse3 under kernels and if i choose anything or nothing i either end up in a reboot cycle or boot freeze. 1. do i need intel sse2/sse3? 2. from where cani get them? 3. how to integrate them in the setup? id be grateful if some 1 could help me out these are the options i have in the customization screed: