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Rather unusually Apple have re-released their latest security update (2007-004) to include a fix for Airport connection problems (affects OS X v10.3.9 only) and a security update for FTPServer (OS X Server only). More info here.


Perhaps more topical for those interested in the $10k Mac Hack story is the news that Apple have released an update for Quicktime, which addresses the exploit. It also includes support for the recently released Final Cut Studio 2.


Both updates should show up in OS X's 'Software Update' facility, though you'll need to be on version 10.4.9 for the QuickTime update .

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CF, It should read 10.4.9 Only and the new QT can only install/upgrade on 10.4.9 system also. Unless hackintosh folks know how to circumvent.

From the Apple site:



Available for: Mac OS X v10.3.9


This update corrects an issue where the AirPort connection may be lost after waking from sleep. This issue only affects Mac OS X v10.3.9 with Security Update 2007-004.


And on http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/mac.html it seems to suggest you can install on 10.3.9, though you're right, if you're on Tiger looks like you need 10.4.9.

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Any problems reported on hackintosh at all? Are these safe to install? I know the 2007-004 updated loginwindow, anything new we need to be concerned about?


No problem whatsoever here.



Installable on our hackint0shes ?


Yes, in my experience. Quite smooth.

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